1000 lb club

  1. 1000 lb club

    so me and my unit are coming to the end of a deployment and i want to do a 1000 lb club or somthing to that effect im thinking about deads,squats,bench,shoulder press
    what do u guys think, should i do shoulder press or change it to a different exercise or not at all, i dont have any experiance with anything like this so anything seggestions at all would be cool

  2. It is usually comprised of three exercises, squats, deadlift and bench.

  3. see thats what i was thinking wasnt sure if there was a shoulder press in there thanks man
    are they in that order

  4. the order doesnt really matter. id start with like 800-900lb total and go from there. make up some tshirts with a big 1000 on it, that always looks cool

  5. well me personally can hit 900 but that 1000 is a goal i can dead 400 hopfully hit 380*2
    and i can squat 330 and a 275 bench but i really want to do if for all the soldeirs who been training dedicatedly for the year we been deployed i want to get a big board and get there names and total lifted and hang it up in the gym

  6. thats pretty solid


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