Snakeman's Mother and Family need some thoughts and Prayers

  1. Snakeman's Mother and Family need some thoughts and Prayers

    Snakemans mother is not doing to well and he wont be around much.

    His mother is in the hospital and is fighting cancer right now and not doing well with it, just wanted everyone here to know......

  2. I will pray for her.

  3. as a bro here, i consider everyone here like a big family. i wish and pray the very best for snakemans mom, himself and the rest of his family. take the very best of care bro.

  4. Will do . Thanx for the heads up.. Talk to ya..
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  5. Thoughts and prayers are with him and his family. Hope everything turns out alright.

  6. On the prayer list.. thanks for the heads up mac

  7. I will be praying, much love to you and yours Snake.

  8. Hey snake, we're all thinking of you and your mother during this, hope things go well.

  9. ill pray for your mother snakeman.. cancer is rough i got a couple family members going through it right now. make sure you are at your mother's side often

  10. Thanks for the heads up Mac, Snakeman everyone here is hoping and praying for the best. Lots of love to you bro, hang in there.

  11. Hey snake i feel ya, I got a aunt with lung cancer(smoking) and my grandma with colon cancer. Hang in their bro and i hope everything comes out okay....

  12. Hey Snake my family's prayers are with you and your family going through this hard time bro. If there is anything you need just shout out Bro.
    Thanks for the heads up Mac

  13. Prayers out to you snakeman and your family....

  14. We'll be praying for you both snakeman.

  15. be strong my friend. console with your close ones and always have faith. our thoughts with you SAGE

  16. May God bless snakeman and his family. You are in our prayers bro. Take care.

  17. bro's ;

    i am deeply toughed by your wishes, i never knew that you guys cared for me this much. i know we all are bro's, but i thought some of you were just being courtious. i consider you guys my extended family, from the beginning, but i didnt think the feeling was mutual.
    thanks from my family to all of you.
    vinny bro ;
    what you did is beyond words for thanks. ww7 yj. you guys are my closest friends of all here we have a long history, john benz i didnt forget you bro. you there 2.
    i would give my life for any one of you bro's on this board anytime, if need be. family and trust is loved and earned. and we are truely a family, even though we are far apart on this earth.
    thanks guys. don forever greatful
  18. Unhappy sorry bro

    snakeman...sorry to hear about your mom....i know what u r goin thru b/c i went thru that with my are in my prayers.

  19. my thoughts and hopes are with you bro keep hanging tough

  20. Just repeating my support expressed in fight thread snake... prayers for strength and comfort to you and yours bro.

    My sister in law had breast cancer a few years ago and thought it was all taken care of but lately it seems every year cancer shows up in another part of the body, so I kinda know how it feels even though I know I'll never be as close to her as you are to your mom bro.

  21. Wow. I've never been in the sitiuation, but I can imagine it's really, really hard. Good luck man. My prayers are with you and your family as you navigate your way through the darkness.

    Good luck


  22. thank you for the support. it means more than you can imagine. don

  23. Snakeman, I am really sorry to hear this. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.


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