Halloween Costume...

  1. Halloween Costume...

    Alright first off no im not going trick or treating i just need to know a funny orginal halloween costume for a party i know some of you guys have a good sense of humor so hit me up.

    I really need some good ideas as well as its probally fun to talk about but anyways no male aparatices please, by orginal i mean i really dont want something that people have seen before, its complicated i know but im kinda stumped when it comes to what to wear. I need to order something soon so please help.

    All suggestions are appreciated!

  2. All you need is some brown , black , a little white facepaint , a nappy orange toboggon , some tattered pants and a jacket and you have the makings of a great Tyrone Biggums costume . It is one of a couple I am considering this year and if you can do the voice it would be f**king funny !

  3. keeper
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    Black shoulder-length wig, dark glasses, dark rumpled sportscoat and a confused look = Ozzie Osburn.

    Or Spartacus from 300 would be fun (besides upping the chance of not leaving alone.)

  4. lol awesome thread!!!

    i picked my halloween costume in JUNE lol im that crazy about it!

    as far as funny stuff. i saw a costume during election time of PALINs preggo daughter and her boyfriend lol

    i understand girls like to be sexy on halloween, but its about SCARY. do something scary!
  5. keeper
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    A big powerlifter friend of mine went to a party last year in lingerie and wore a sash that read:


    He was a hit!

  6. LMAO theats classic,

    ive seen some ****ed up costumes before, i happen to go towards things people are afraid of (atleast some people) , clowns, zombies ect i played with the idea of being Frank the Bunny from donnie darko though
  7. keeper
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    The pimp from "Next Friday" would be easy and hilarious.

    OR to own the attention of every female there, a sure bet would be Capt. Jack Sparrow.

    (he makes my teeth sweat)

  8. Quote Originally Posted by keeper View Post
    A big powerlifter friend of mine went to a party last year in lingerie and wore a sash that read:


    He was a hit!
    I have to say that was pretty funny. All great suggestions just looking for more to decide.

  9. Hugh Hefner - gotta love the robe

    Leonidus from 300

    A foreclosure sign

    Michael Jackson

  10. .... Cap't Morgan

  11. LMFAO!!!!
    You could do something with Mac, or Etude

  12. The Rake, the creepiest pasta I've ever read revolved around The Rake.

    "I am legally blind and if I can Squat,deadlift and over all get myself to the gym then anyone can get their a$$ in gear and get strong!!" - malleus25

  13. This! Watch it all the way through.
    Mr. Roger's as a f*cked up clown is pretty frightening.

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZHJ22q9YPv8"]YouTube - Mr. Rogers is evil[/ame]

  14. I just had to post this. I have a quadri paralyzed friend who is dressing up his wheelchair as a rollerskate.

  15. im goin to party and im duck taping beer cans (full) all over my body (no clothes) and wearing the empty case over my head...but the twist is ..only females can get a beer off of me for free.

  16. Ashley J. Williams. Equipped with a chainsaw and boom-stick.

  17. last year i went to a halloween party and bar afterwards dressed as the tooth fairy...white tutu, white tank top with pic of a big a$$ tooth on front and white leggings...I also carried around pliers and also had a cigar in mouth...great costume, many complements and tons of laughs...tried to up load a pic of myself in costume but I can't...

  18. my daughter wants me to wear a big chicken costume to walk around the neighborhood, while she is a vampire. Talk about originality
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  19. 1.Duke Nukem
    2. Get your hair cut like Arnold, wear all leather and sun glasses, talk with an Austrian accent and go as the Terminator
    3. A wall (seems like an original costume, I don't see a lot of people dressing up like a wall)
    4. Eddy (Iron Maiden)
    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dAwbzf9WdE4"]YouTube - Duke Nukem 3D Cutscenes[/ame]

  20. in college- i put on black underwear and made a big black sign that went in front of my junk that said "censored". looked like a GGW commercial. it was a huge hit. plus, if your ripped up you get to show off the goods.

  21. If you really want to go cheap and easy. Go buy several of those little boxes of cereal and duct tape them to a white shirt. Maybe cut them open and have cereal glued to the shirt as well. Maybe splatter some ketchup for fake blood. You then stick a knife or two in the boxes of cereal and you are a "Cereal" Killer. Har. Har. Pretty corny but an easy one if you are lazy.


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