Superbowl prediction

  1. Superbowl prediction

    I will go 20 - 16 for the Bucs.

  2. Yeah , I'd say Bucs will win.


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  4. RAIDERS!!

    just check out there defensive line up

  5. Raiders are going all the way

  6. i say **** it.


  7. been saying it since the playoffs began... bucs are gonna win...

    if the bucs can move the ball against the eagles; they won't have a problem against the raiders... and even if the raiders have a great offense; they are gonna have a problem moving it against the bucs

  8. Da Bears!!! Oh well they lost so go Raiders.
  9. raiders all the way

    I got a friend who play on the Raider def line. So I am partial to the Raiders. Raiders All the Way!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. i just gotta pimp myself and say i predicted every superbowl team last 3 year except new england of last year. (bucs/oak, stlouis last year, balt/ny) ooooooo!!! too bad when i actually do gamble, i lose (freakin roulette red and black 15)

  11. I'm with dez/null, GO STEELERS!!!

    Oh well, I think RaiderNation will be celebrating this year.


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