hate from buffet restaurant managers

  1. hate from buffet restaurant managers

    ok, i don't know who's in my boat but i'm expecting a fair few.... i.e you're hated by buffet restaurant owners. Those who claim "all you can eat, take whatever you want" but then get pissed off or stop you when you actually do take whatever you want and refuse you in future.

    It happened to me today. At the end of last week, I found a place near my work which is an asian food buffet. It has different types of meats, veggies, seafood, sauce and rice. Amongst that, different asian foods like dublins, prawn crackers etc.

    So when I went there for the first time last Friday, the lady who's the owner said "haiii, we self service, you can take anything you like!!!! all you can eat. Large take away 10 dolla".

    I said "ok cool". So I ignored 70% of the stuff as it was filler ingredients which they use to make a huge profit and I went for the 30% decent stuff. Lean Meat and veggies. I did that on Friday, and then I went there on Monday and then today.

    But when I go there today, the lady goes "noo, you are no need eat here" and then starts pushing me away. Yes, getting physical.
    I say "huh what, what you mean?, why can't i eat here"..
    and she goes "you are take only meat. Not allowed only take meat. must take everything".
    I go "but I take meat and veggies"
    She says "nooo, you must take bit of everything"
    I tell her "but on the first day you said Self service and we can take anything we like. And that's exactly what I'm doing"
    I don't think she understood most of what I said so once again she goes
    "no noooo, must take bit of everything but you are only take meat. No need eat here"

    I could have kept arguing but I was kind enough to say "ok" and walk away.

    Lol so yea. I understand that they need to do business and their main profits are by ripping off customers who take mainly rice and other cheap ingredients but end up paying $10 per meal.

    But clearly it's their fault for lying by saying "you can take anything you like". If I put effort on this, I think I could pursue it legally but nah...cbf.

    Anyone else had a similar issue?

  2. I would keep visiting. . .or rape her cat


  3. Not a big fan of those. Were invited to a wedding at one of chinese "gold whatever" all you can eats. We had to constantly remind the personnel to refill meat and poultry tubs. If you don't tell them, they'll just ignore it. Those f***rs are so thrifty, that it's not even funny.

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  5. theres a chinese buffet i go to and its like about 9 dollars per person. somehow its a different price every time i go there. but one time i went there with another person and i got like 4 plates and they were watchin me and it was like 23 bucks just for me and another person i was so pissed

  6. lol.

    I've never had this probrem.

  7. Holy **** what kind of food can you put down? I've heard stories of families of really huge people eating to the point that they were asked to not come back but never checked to see if any of the stories were true. I'd like to know how much meat you were able to put down to be forced out. Every buffet i've been to has people packing their plates like they don't have an option to go back for another one and never seen an employee approach them.


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