New Forum Domain Name...Now Let's Spread the Word!!!

  1. New Forum Domain Name...Now Let's Spread the Word!!!

    There was a big thing over on about not putting the BDC Nutrition Forum address in the signatures but there is no longer association.  The forum is completely separate and self sustaining so we should not be held to that old standard. 

    I dare every member here to put the forum address in their sigs over there


    BTW, enjoy the new home!

  2. I'm on top of it!

  3. no prob

  4. Well, looks like I was the first victim. A mod asked me to remove my sig for advertsing.

    EDIT: he shot me a PM asking me to hold on for a little, so we'll see guys. I did mention the forum is a just knowledge base, nothing more.

  5. i've had mine in there since yesterday, no one has said anything to me

    i also put it in my sig on the other forums i get on, don't know if anybody will know what the hell this site is about, but who knows

    btw, i don't know how many ppl we want from the supps forum coming over here, there are some true idiots in that forum

  6. 10-4. Have gun will travel.

  7. **** its in my sig. at the 37 boards I post at not to mention the 1-Test pimping I do

    Disclaimer: YJ is full of ****, he doesnt push 1-Test, only helps those who ask first

  8. Nothing attracts new members like the ol Hyperlink in the Signature trick


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