Request assistance in composition

  1. Request assistance in composition

    I typed this off the cuff when I saw the complete, unfocused outrage that is being expressed on VERY public news sites in response to the latest moves against hormones.

    This makes us all look very bad, so it's time we try to come up with a clear and concise summary of our argument for personal use. I'd like to keep this thread clean of irrelevant comments, and turn it into a wiki type thread where we can try to come up with some kind of concise format which can then be sent to representatives to make our position clear.

    Let me see if I can sum up our argument for any "officials" that are reading...

    We, as free and responsible adults that grant the government power to govern based on constant CONSENT in accordance with both the letter and spirit of both the Declaration of Independence and Constitution, obtain a measure of happiness by using sustances designed to increase protein synthesis, increase strength, muscularity, and leanness. We choose to use the substances in full awareness of risk and individual responsibility.

    We assert our right to use these substances WITHOUT RISK OF PRISON. We do not acknowledge your right, nor authority, to outlaw these compounds, as there has been no demonstrable risk to OTHERS by an individual's use. We declare the scheduling of these compounds to be an act of tyranny, and we are sick of the abuse of power.

    We acknowledge that minors should not be given unfettered access to these compounds. We thereby seek a proposed compromise in the law that would clear physicians to be able to advise and prescribe these compounds legally, or institute age restrictions in a free-market.

    We consent to be governed under conditions that our rights are not trampled on. If you insist on maintaining this course, consent can easily be rescinded. We seek a peaceful resolution to this issue, but we will not be trampled upon.

    There has been ZERO case or rationale used to justify the scheduliing/criminalization of the use of these compounds - as a matter of fact your own internal agencies recommended AGAINST it. You are going against the will of the citizens who this affects. Those that are NOT affected (no, there is not even the weakness of a second-hand smoke argument here) should thereby have no say in the matter.

    *work in progress...feel free to edit or add. It is time we stop screaming like lunatics and formulate a concise argument - then get this simple message to Congress, etc.
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  2. i like that

    im not a writer so i wouldnt even know what to add in a way that would sound tright like that

    bvut everythings about money in the government, so maybe even saying that they can tax supplements so they can make money lol

  3. The illegality and current mindset of the immorality associated with hormonal or androgenic compound use is antiquated and illogical. More harmful and deleterious substances are peddled over-the-counter, in mass media, and on market shelves. While such drugs, some of which form far greater threat to general health than any androgenic compound, remain both legal and mass-produced, it is unconscionable that well-educated individuals should be prevented from using other less-harmful substances from which they can only benefit.
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  4. Quote Originally Posted by crazyfool405 View Post
    bvut everythings about money in the government, so maybe even saying that they can tax supplements so they can make money lol
    I was thinking something moreso like a weapon license, where you have to have a special identification card that permits the purchase of steroidal compounds. I'm sure it'd be an excuse for your insurance company to jack your rates up, but I'd rather them make people take a class (like driver's ed kind of) that teaches them the dangers of steroids and how to manage them, along with a requirement to be 21 years old to purchase, than to just straight up outlaw them. Especially when there are things out there that serve no purpose other than to harm your body and the body of those around you...with no requirement other than they say "hey, this ****'s dangerous...don't drive while on it...unless you forget you can't do that", or my favorite, the infamous cigarette "surgeon general's warning"...what a joke that is.

    Of course it's not going to happen, but in a perfect world...

    Sorry for not being too proper in my wording, just wanted to get my opinion on this out there.
  5. dpfisher
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    Unfortunately while by some estimates steroid use is even more pervasive in males in our society than smoking, the fact that everyone claims ignorance pretty much sets this up. If everyone who used steroids of any type and had good results admitted it, it probably wouldn't be considered "cheating"



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