stepping up, well kind of

  1. stepping up, well kind of

    Hey guys, just wanted you to say a prayer for me as I try out for the ski team for UT Austin tomorrow... I was on the team 3 years ago , but havent slalomed since then. so i pray to God that I can get up on one ski and impress the judges... Im a great wakeboarder, but one has to pass the test of slaloming before judges. Im just asking for your prayers ( if you are religious) for me. This isnt a big deal in and of itself, but a huge task in the fact that I can prove to myself. Not only to myself, but to my friends and family. Thanks fools.
    ps~ im really drunk, so i'll fill you all in with the details..
    this is a big step for me

  2. PC1
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    God bless you bro! Best of luck, knock'em dead and make us proud!

  3. As Jesus once walked on water, may your slalom be a great success! Do us proud grasshopper!...or never grace these boards again because we'd just act as if we never knew you. LOL.

    I have no idea what the "F" I'm taling about. Almost time for me to go home and get some quality ZZZZZZ's.

  4. Good luck on that man. Definitely sounds like some good action there. Wish you luck

  5. GOOD LUCK today



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