Any King Diamond fans?

  1. Indeed!
    I grew up listening to all sorts of Metal; King Diamond is/was on my top 10 list back then. The story telling in his music is what drew me in.
    Here's a few of my favorite KD songs:

    King Diamond - Sleepless Night

    YouTube - King Diamond - Sleepless Night

    King Diamond - Black Horsemen

    YouTube - King Diamond - Black Horsemen

    King Diamond - House Of God

    YouTube - King Diamond - House Of God

    Mercyful Fate - Crossroads

    YouTube - Mercyful Fate Crossroads

    King Diamond - So Sad

    YouTube - King Diamond - So sad

    Reps for bringing back some much needed nostalgia, man!

  2. I am Really hoping he tours soon and I'm able to make it to the show.

  3. I've been a fan for years. I missed him on October 31st of 1989 - and have never had another opportunity since. I hope I get to see him in concert one day...

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