Looking for a new forum

  1. Looking for a new forum

    CAn you guys tell me some good forums to get information from in PM's. This board is starting to remind me of BB.com. When I first came here it was great great board but the last few weeks it's really went down hill with all the M1T and stupid questions from people who can't use the search button. The reason I am asking for the other boards in PM's is so the same people wont end up there.

  2. Most boards are flooded with teenagers now. It does suck. But there isn't much we can do about it.

  3. It's really not that bad here compared to other boards I go to check out. We (the mod team) try to keep the silly questions under control. sifu is right, with how many people are on the internet, and how comfortable most teens are using computers, they can find their way to just about any board easily. But what surprises me is that they find a board, and expect everything to be handed to them instead of using the search function.

    Some basic tips for searching and researching.
    Make sure you set the "show posts from" part of the advanced search engine to "the beginning" if the basic search doesn't bring up what you want, try varying terms, or *gasp* going through the relevant forum and scanning each topic. Who knows... you might find something else you need to know.

    -Saving random peoples' nuts, one pair at at time... PCT info:
    -Are you really ready for a cycle? Read this link and be honest:
    *I am not a medical expert, my opinions are not professional, and I strongly suggest doing research of your own.*

  4. I agree the search button is your best friend. I just hate to hear all boards are becoming teen boards (Charge a fee for the first month that will stop them). There have been some great threads on this board with a ton of info in them. I guess I will just live with all the teenage BS. Still lots of good info on here.

  5. Where are you at in Utah bro?

  6. Quote Originally Posted by FTMGuy
    I agree the search button is your best friend. I just hate to hear all boards are becoming teen boards (Charge a fee for the first month that will stop them). There have been some great threads on this board with a ton of info in them. I guess I will just live with all the teenage BS. Still lots of good info on here.
    I like that pay site idea. It wouldnt have to be much, just like a $10 initiation fee. The teens will stay at BB.com where it's free. Most teens dont have a credit card to join even if they wanted to. I would pay $10 to reduce the mindless, repetitive "m1t is da bomb" talk.

  7. I don't think it's horrible in here and a membership fee would be okay.

    What about taking an entrance exam ? Maybe that can keep the bad apples away.

  8. Strange that you guys brought this up. I'm curious at to what everyone else's take is on this?

  9. Moving this to off topic.

  10. I would pay for a membership. It helps pay for space and wards off the idiots who aren't willing to pay. My theory is if you are willing to go thru the steps to pay for something then you are willing to use the search button.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by sifu
    Where are you at in Utah bro?
    I live up in Layton

    Also I would pay a one time member fee.

  12. F the fee - how anout an IQ test

  13. the thing is we as members can help this.. all we have to do, is report the stupid posts and we WILL take care of it.. also you can Remind the offending member to do a search... and if that doesn't seem to work, I might be persuaded () to take out the banning stick.. lol

  14. it's definitely ridiculous for people not to search...that's basically all i spend my time doing...looking and learning (look at my post count)
    i'm not big on the membership fee. it would probably deter alot of teenagers and idiots that don't search, but it may also keep out some people that could contribute to the board.
    as for reporting bad posts...do you mods really want us to do this? i guess i just thought of it as a taddle-tail button, but if you encourage it and it'll help keep out BS, i'll taddle

  15. I kind of agree with tp23 on this. I can go to a crap board (and this is anything but a crap board) and use the search button to weed through the crap and find answers I need. I do it all the time. So, no, I really wouldn't be in to big of a favor of paying for board access, BUT what about making it so that fee or some of it went towards a purchase at PN, or you got discounts for the stores, or something along those lines. That I could be interested in.

  16. Feel free to report the idiotic posts. We try to do as much policing as we can but we can't watch every thread.

  17. The level of maturity is much higher on this board then the majority that you will find. However, if you are lookng for others try cem and/or avant or get invited to private ones.

  18. I had the same thought when I started posting here again just recently. I had not really been around much, and upon returning had felt there was a distinct change in how much kiddie crap is going on...but the reality is as others have said this board is still far below the number of teens say at bb.com. While I have nothing against young people trying to learn etc., its the annoying posts that make it hard to sift through and find real info

    Another thing is, other boards can be pretty much purely scientific data, and spend most of the time cutting and pasting studies..while all that is good..personally i don't always want to read through 30 publications from pubmed or something like that...or care about what happend in mice etc.

    I think this board has a nice balance of pure scientific data, and "plain english". While I like avants board, sometimes my brain just does not want to process all the stuff they are talking about. I am no biologist, or chemist, so I don't really know exactly what half the things they say are. While I can get the idea, mostly I don't want to read through things like

    " number of in vitro preparations of the central nervous system have been used to characterize with intracellular recording the cellular actions of four neuropeptides. Carnosine, the putative excitatory neurotransmitter of olfactory nerves, was found to exert little or no effect in the turtle or the frog olfactory bulb, suggesting that this peptide may have other roles, e.g. neurotropic, in this system. Substance P and TRH were found to have some characteristics of a classical excitatory transmitter since they increase membrane conductance and depolarize frog motoneurons by a direct action."

    with that said..I think this board is still top notch!


  19. This board will never be as bad as BB.com as i know chemo and the mods wont let that happen.

    About the fee: Somebody said teens would stay away because they dont have credit cards. But then how are they getting all their M1t. I would think they would just use mommy and daddy's credit card to pay the fee. Half the teens these days prolly dont even know what a money order is.

  20. AM is certainly no BB.com! The signal to noise ratio is so low at BB.com that I rarely bother to check it anymore. There's still good content to be found, but I just don't have the time to wade through all the redundant posts and bull****.

    The S/N ratio here is pretty high, I think. I like the fact that this is a smaller, tighter board. Mods and members here respect self sufficiency and the willingness to learn, and won't put up with immature, lazy, or rude posters. That said, this is still a very friendly and comfortable board.

  21. Anybody lookin for another board I say "Fair well". I can guarentee that no matter what board you end up at it will eventually get flooded by the kiddies. There like roaches, you can never completely get rid of them.
    Flame the retards that make rediculous post. I do all the time. I cant stand it anymore. If you embarass there screen name enough they learn to keep shut until they learn what the actual thread is about. A bad rep with a screen name on these boards is just about as bad as a bad rep on the streets. Nobody will want to hear what they have to say if theyve been known for being the boards fool. They put there tail between there legs and find the search button quick, then come back into the discussion days later with a little more knowledge. You think it doesnt work just remember when you were a newb and someone actually called you that for some lame ass post you made. It made you want to learn as much as possible so that you dont ever end up in that situation again and if you do you can school the clown calling you a newb. We were all once newbs!
    Im a member at over 20 ****in boards but this one is by far the best out for people that are interested in much more then hearing stories about some crappy ass cycle. This board is based on scientific approaches (Biology, Pharmacology, Chemistry, Anatomy, Physiology, etc...) to AAS's, PH's, and the Human body and I hope that it stays that way for as long as Im around. If you have lame opinions and theories please make sure you have valid points behind them and some supporting info to each.

    "the evil genius"

  22. well put db...i think this board is much better than others at self governing. Members here don't let **** slide like at bb.com. maybe its because we know that we have a good thing goin here, who knows


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