How much weight did you lose?

  1. How much weight did you lose?

    Hi lets start a fun thread .
    How much weight did you lose.
    list body fat % if possible and your body fat %/body weight goal.

    I lost 10kg so far with a modest increase in muscle which puts me at 190 pounds at 20% fat

    also how did it effect you ? do you notice any difference social wise? (including the ladies.)

    My 3 months from now goal is 180 pounds 10%-7% body fat

    (please excuse any grammar.)

  2. i am on test E and eq...and am down to 225. started at 252. bf% is around 13% now and expect it to be around 10% when i finish up with anavar at the end. i have lost about 4 inches in my waist also.

    socially...yeah there has been a huge difference. my friends just got back to school..yes im still in college...and i took off my shirt cuz they live at the beach and they just went "holy ****". i have more confidence, probably attributed to the test, and the ladies...o man it has gotten better. i broke up with my gf a couple days before i actually started the cycle, i have been averaging at least one new lay every week, and i only go out like one night a week lol. i get alot of them coming up to me now and just touching my arms or chest or asking, how much do you bench blah blah blah. they are amazed at the vascularity in my forearms and biceps. the attention is nice. and ive been getting alot of older ladies also. not like cougars, even tho i did get one my second week on cycle, but like for me older meaning 24-26, since i am 22. all in is very nice.

  3. I have lost over 100pds, when I began lifting and dieting 10 years ago i was HUGE!!!! and I decided enough is enough.............i now weigh between, 132-140 and my body fat, i dont long as my clothes fit i'm good!!!

    As far as socially, my job demands I am active, fit and I also bartended but I dont think I could have done that being the old weight, as for guys and luck in getting them, not interested, not trying...............

    RIP Ryan, :(

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