Puffing the herb...

  1. Puffing the herb...

    A LONG time ago I read a post on another forum with regards to weight-lifting and smoking marajuana. This thread had loads of people, the majority amateur gym rats, who beleived smoking some ganj after a workout was a good thing.

    So my question to you more experienced members who know the in's and out's of the human body, what is your opinion on smoking?

    A good way to relax after a strenuous work-out, or a hinderence on the body?

    I look forward to your responses.

  2. Put it like this. Its better on your body than a beer. It helps you eat more, sleep more and relax. All benefits when bodybuilding. Pulmonary issues from smoking habitually could be avoided by just smoking less.

  3. Look at the other thread on the same page. We're starting to look like a marijuana website instead of a weight lifting on lol

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