Someone who knows what there doing please help this rookie!!

  1. Someone who knows what there doing please help this rookie!!

    Hi GUys i am really being a bit cheaky and looking for some free advice. I have been working out for about a year now and not happy with results. I really want to try steroids out ans see if they work for me! I live in the uk so getting proper steroids is very hard. Any Suggestions? All the ones online seem to be a scam???

    I have found some products that look ok but they are just sups i think and not the real deal.

    Please can someone with experience have a look at this url and tell me whether this is worth ago?? ml

    I just need a bit of guidence what is best to take as there is so much choice. Tio begin with i just want to take orally i think...

    thanks for your time guys.

  2. wrong section.... you don't need to post the same question 4 times!

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