knee wraps

  1. knee wraps

    the knee wraps used in squats and heavy leg stuff. do they come in sizes or are they like an ace bandage and you just wrap them around your knee so that a one size fits all? no big guys go to my college and nobody does heavy weights so i've never seen one in person. just wondering guys...i've tried finding pics online, but none are that great. it appears as though they don't come in sizes?

  2. Most guys that I see use 'em use the ace bandages. They make a lot of different ones though ie, neoprene, mesh, cloth, velcro, etc., etc. They also come in a lot of different shapes, designs, etc. In the summer I belong to a sandlot football league and I'm always going through those damn things like every other game. I usually just pick one up at wal-mart or something cuz they have a wide variety.

    For training though I don't like to use them. I have seen a lot of people sya that they prohibit muscle growth where they are applied. Do they actually do this? Dunno.....

  3. i only ask because my leg press is getting up there and damn if my legs don't vibrate/twitch like matches under the load. wondering if it wouldn't be smart to wear them when i get on my heavy set.

  4. the wraps used for powerlifting i think come in maybe a couple sizes but unless you have treetrunk knees you wont need the extra long ones and i dont think wrapping your knees with these kind of wraps for leg press is really a good idea because they willl help too much and they are difficult put on by yourself. I would reccomend some other type of knee support like a brace for this situation.

  5. The ones I use are kind of good the brand is Grizzly and they have velcro on the end. I use them to save my knees just like Arnold recommended. he said it helps maintain pressure so it is easier on the joints. It actually works, my knees don't feel abused after squat.

  6. Under the heading squat assists, there is a Knee Wrap Video at



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