Mike Tyson on Twitter <funny>

  1. Mike Tyson on Twitter <funny>

    "vick is an eagle but i cant get damn endorsement deal? the only dog i ever fought was andrew golota's ugly ass"

    "next fat white b*tch that writes about watching true blood is gonna get simultaneously impregnated and aborted c/o me"

    "in my prime i could have sold out madison square garden by jerking off"

    mike tyson (_miketyson_) on Twitter

    *Highly doubt this is the legit Tyson, but funny nonetheless.

  2. LactoseLou
    LactoseLou's Avatar

    lol I was watching something on the news about how these imposters on twitter can get sued. That guy better watch out cause he could have a lawsuit his way.

    This is obviously a fake Tyson...Tyson doesn't talk like that anymore. But the quote to Shaq was funny.
    @THE_REAL_SHAQ how bout shaq vs tyson punk ill hit you so hard ill fix that lazy ass eye of yours praise be to allah

  3. lol @ praise be to Allah. He sure was a character. I mean hes said some crazy sh*t in his day so who knows whats legit.

    "Look at you now. Scared like a little white b*tch. Scared of the real man. I'll f*ck you til you love me"
  4. “We are what we repeatedly do. Therefore, excellence is not an act, but a habit.”

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