Arrogant Bastard Ale

  1. Arrogant Bastard Ale

    Wholly F this stuff is amazing. I just had some with a Kashi pizza (it's my cheat meal night) while watching Boyz N the Hood.

    But back to the beer, this stuff is great. I'll definitely be buying it again! $5/22oz is worth it! Pour in a pint glass and enjoy!

  2. Stone Brewery makes some mighty fine beer. It's local to my area. Have you tried their IPA? It's beyond bomb. Hoppy as all hell, no apologies, delicious and I think it's like 7.5% alc.


  3. Sounds like a nice, yeasty cheat-meal.

  4. You know Americans can buy Canadian beer cheaper than we can because of our crazy government As for ale, I do like a stronbow. However my usual drink of choice is a bottle of sparkling wine before going out, then rum & coke or some strongbow. The early-morning/late night poutine is also a temptation lol.

  5. Arrogant Bastard is great. I really like alot of the Stone Brewery line. The story on the back of the bottle is freakin' great. It starts off..."You probably won't like this beer..." LOL. Good stuff. Not too long ago I had a Wine Ale by them. Was...different...but VERY strong. They really get creative with their recipes.

  6. Here's the breakdown of Stone's beers:

    Love the comparison to "major brand beers" at the bottom.

  7. had some two days ago... it was real good. had a pint of the porter ale too
    SFW and GFH

  8. Stone is top notch in my book. The Smoked Porter is currently my favorite, give it a try its probably their best one IMO. Rogue makes some decent beers to. The Dead Guy ale and both the light and the dark Morimoto Soba alle are great too.

  9. Been drinking Long Hammer IPA lately, pretty solid stuff.

  10. Love the stone brewery stuff.

    Ruination is personally my fav, and I usually don't like IPA's.

  11. HMM will definitely check this stuff out. Personally I am a****553 10% Drinker or Lowenbrau. Of course I do like my Canadian brews as well.

  12. You should try a Dbl Bastard Ale.


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