Nissan 350z/Iinfiniti G35 Coupe

  1. Nissan 350z/Iinfiniti G35 Coupe

    Nice cars!! Have you seen them?  I guy I know has one., and

  2. Seen often, driven a few times. The Z has better overall design than the Infinity, but I like the G35 okay. Z is beautiful as far as I'm concerned though. Hard to beat the value of that car, and if I wasn't happy with what I'm driving now I'd probably trade in for a black one. Had a '91 twin turbo Z... loved that one as well, I just didn't fit in it at all.... was a bitch of a problem.

  3. own a 90TT that i'm trying to get rid of...

    but i like both the 350z and the G35c... tho the G35c is a more refined design imo... i'm partial to a little more class and luxury now than i used to be... prolly since i bought a lexus

    too bad these cars are using V6 engines and not I6s like they should be

  4. Originally posted by Bean

    too bad these cars are using V6 engines and not I6s like they should be
    heard that. I'm also partial to flat 6 a la Porsche... air cooled twin turbo, beautiful sound... but you can't get much better for v6 than Nissan's

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