Look this over for me, I have to give the speech as the Best Man tomorrow.

  1. Look this over for me, I have to give the speech as the Best Man tomorrow.

    For my only brothers wedding, I want it to be right. Tell me what you think of this!

    "I was unsure of what I wanted to say about my brother today. Itís a unique desire to want to say the right thing on a day like this. Then I realized, the right things have already been said because my brother is now a lucky man married to a wonderful woman. And that is something he more than deserves and has earned many a time in his life already. The term I have to choose for my brother today is inspirational. Because that is what he is to his friends, his family, and even to strangers. An inspiration. It takes a courage and dedication, a spirit of sacrifice and honor to choose to uphold the virtues he has chosen in his decisions in life. It is befitting of him though. For even as a child growing up, outside of our sometimes near homicidal disputes over a difference in opinion such as who gets to play the new game first, he already had great virtues many people lack. He was merciful, loving, seeking to do the right thing whenever possible, sacrificial, willing to bear the burdens of others, and a better brother than anyone could ever ask for. Today two great people have come together as one, united in this world before God as a team. It gives me great joy to know my brother has found companionship in someone who is dedicated to their love, for true love is a treasure that once found is a glorious gift that continues to always bring blessings. I look into the faces of these two wonderful young people and I see true love. And I could want nothing more than the best for my brother. That desire has been satisfied, and I can rest easy he is in good hands. Finally I would like to say I love you bro, I pray that all your days be filled with joy, and may God Bless your marriage."

  2. Oh you guys are useless

    Both the parents found my final version good, so all is well

    off to the wedding in an hour.

  3. Don't worry about. I was best man at my brother's wedding and didn't even prepare a speech. I just did it off the top of my head and everyone thought it was fine.

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