(new kid) diet plan help!

  1. Lightbulb (new kid) diet plan help!

    i am 15 turning 16 later in a few months
    i 265 pounds and height 5'9 or 5'8
    between there.
    i used to be 300 pounds but i lost alot of wieght.
    moving around more and drinking lots of water.
    i wanted to know if theres a diet plan for me to lose wieght more and also a diet plan that will make me lose weight a little faster than others. i tried eating right having meals less than 2000 calories per day. and im sure sleeping at right times are important so i sleep 7hours a day. so if there any wise guys out there who can help me lose wieght more that would be great. my target score is to stay around 190 pounds :] thanks alot if anyone can help!

  2. What do you mean by "moving around more" ? Do you mean you go in for a burger as opposed to the drive thru or do you have an actual cardio regiment ? Get a solid cardio regiment and stick with it . Check out a HIIT routine for beginners maybe . Make sure the calories you intake are clean , clean , clean ! Get in the gym and throw some weights around . Doesn't have to be a straight BB lift routine , just something to keep you active . Build a little muscle while sweating off the fat and help with functional strength . The most basic key to success here is to burn more cals every day than you consume . Also as you are 15 , keep a close eye on how your body starts to change through puberty . Some fat kids get skinny and some skinny kids tend to gain weight like crazy at that point , adjust diet/exercise accordingly .
    Check out the nutrition/recipes/weight loss sections here for some good tips . Above all work hard , eat right , and reults will come . Good luck .

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