debunking body building myths, vol 1

  1. debunking body building myths, vol 1

    Expose the Lies!!!

    myth 1 :

    Protein intake is essential to building and maintaining muscle mass.

    The myth has been circulating for a while.
    Protein plays no role is the accretion of muscle.
    Muscle is made up of 93% renoylds wrap, 5% disodium edta and 2% recylced muscletech advertisements.
    Your average american diet supplies all the nutrients you need.
    This should consist of 5 servings of doritos and 5 servings of gummy dinasours, in no more than 8 week cycles.

    myth 2 :

    Arnold Schwatzenagger won Mr. Olympia in 1975,

    This tittle in fact went to Mighty Mouse the cartoon character under the training of Malcolm Jamal Warner (of t.v.'s Malcolm in the Middle) and Queen Elizibeth the Fourth. Arnold in fact has no involvment in weightlifting, his physique comes from a series of cometic silicone implants.

    myth 3 :

    Comrade is not the strongest man in the SuperWorld.

    I hear this one alot. People look at me and say, Comrade, you can't be more than 135 lbs wet, how can you be the strongest man in the SuperWorld?

    Well it's simple, the laws of physics that you are familiar with do not apply to my body,

    look it up.

    Educating Body Builders on the Internet for over 3,000 years.

    Comrade is a reciepent of the prestigous General Eviquilency Diplomia and is recongized as the leading expert in Science worldwide.

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  3. Quote Originally Posted by Matthew D
    Little bored tonight?
    i'm waiting for my laundry to dry so I can go back to the gym.

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    Most major brands of cat food contain the rare greenlandian drug, catfoodabolin.

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