Tattoo's: Who's Got'em?

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  1. Bitmap, Booo!

    You can see my wolf in the avatar, I think you could see my back tatt abit in this shot..
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  2. Originally posted by snakeman458
    i have 8 total. all are native american tats. ww7 has seen some off my tatoos. i am waiting to get more pics from my artist so i can show them off. if ww7 still has them he can post them if he wishes.
    Here you go Snakeman!
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  3. And another of Snakemans....
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  4. And the last one....
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  5. Phat tatts, Brother!!

    I might get a tribal design across my back in the summer, after my final stage appearance in posing trunks..

  6. Nelson
    Nelson's Avatar


    What do those characters mean?
    I was thinking of getting one in Japanese kanji for dragon.

  7. thanks much jake.


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