way, way off-topic, spy-bot software

  1. way, way off-topic, spy-bot software

    According to spyhunter, I have seekseek on my computer.

    I used a few free-ware removal programs and one of them found some sh*t, cleaned it and says I'm good, but spyhunter still says seekseek.
    I tryed to manual removal, but the files it said to delete were not present.

    also the message "warning there are other users logged on the this computer, they may loose information if you shutdown" used to come up when the computer went on standby, but dissapeared after using the freeware program to clean it.

    So is spyhunter malfunctioning or is seekseek still present? and if so, do you know how to wipe it?

  2. If you haven't I would run Spybot S&D which can be found at www.snapfiles.com
    Make sure you are logged into a user that has administrative rights when running Spybot, so the program will have access to every profile. A lot of spyware programs have the ability to recreate themselves, so you could literally delete the file, hit refresh, and watch it reappear. At this point I don't know how they manage that but I'm assuming a loaded DLL file allows this action to take place. These are very hard to clean up.

    The warning message you received just sounds like you use the fast switch method of logging on/off different users. A simple reboot will stop that message from appearing.

  3. I used spybot s/d, it says I'm clean
    But spyhunter still says I have seekseek

  4. Have you run the updates for Spybot?

  5. get ad-aware 6.0 great great program.. just make sure you click "check for updates" after you install it and launch it.. you need the update.

    EDIT: that program can be found at www.download.com

  6. i've used both Ad-aware and spybot and I think spybot is a much better program...

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  7. I like spybot also

  8. Agreed I just didn't feel like getting into it again.

  9. I think that the combination of both ad-aware and spybot can't be beat, as I've seen that each program has certain spyware that they can't detect/remove. Run these along with a good registry maintenance program to keep your machine in tip-top running condition.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by NPursuit
    Have you run the updates for Spybot?
    yeah i ran them, still didn't find anything.
    basically spyhunter still finds something in the registry.

    will check out adware.

  11. Also check out Spywareblaster. It's a program that immunizes your computer from spyware and adware so that you cant get it. It's real simple to use and you can update it frequently. Ever since I have been using that in combination with Spybot, I have had little to no problems.

    I agree with general consensus, Spybot is much better than adaware.

  12. Quote Originally Posted by comrade
    yeah i ran them, still didn't find anything.
    basically spyhunter still finds something in the registry.

    will check out adware.
    Have you gone into your registry and tried to manually remove the entries?
  13. PC1
    PC1's Avatar

    You know..... I've been using spybot and adaware, but what I've found is this: If when I get offline, before shutting off the computer, just hit Tools, and Internet Options (IE Explorer), delete cookies, files including offline, and erase history. This seems to take care of everything save for registry entries, but then again, one can always use Run + Regedit......

    If I do these, then run either Spybot or Adaware, they don't seem to come up with anything, which is why I wonder if they're really necessary? I know some of you bro's know a lot more about me than this though......

  14. PC1 take a look at your winnt\downloaded program files. A lot of them hideout there.

  15. Be careful with some of these new supposed spyware removal programs. They are actually spyware in and of themselves. Stick with Ad-Aware and Spybot and maybe throw in X-Cleaner from X-Block.com


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