Anyone think that sports are a bit to regulated?

For Example Football - Pretty sure PHs are illegal. I kinda like see huge football players, and dont steroids in some way help you heal thru injuries? Instead of absolute bans why not limit intake? Careful monitoring programs etc.

Cycling - I'm big into cycling and it seems in the pros now the only drug your aloud to take is maybe creatine and whatever is in food PERIOD. Kind of excessive. I honestly think epo should be made legal to use with a few rules.

1) Be watched over by a physican who administers it and monitors health.

2) Your blood can't reach a certain hemocrit level or your disqualified for safety issues.( i think current hemocrit level is 50 percent, and most pros are below this, so why not let people use epo to get to 50 % so noone has a competitive advantage of EPO, It may make the race more exciting at least)

This goes with other endurance sports to.

I'm all for keeping hard drugs like cocaine, heroin some other stuff like meth illegal because theres nothing good about it and these drugs hurt society. I'm not very sure on marijuana though I dont smoke myself ( Its really not that harmful even when all you do is smoke marijuana, besides your lungs and becoming a little dumb).

I'm all for, not letting anyone become a uber doper. Example would be just injecting themselves with the most amount of steroids and w/e else; like they used to in the 70s and maybe some people still do today ( But i mean honestly it still is your body.. and honestly these people aren't exactly going around hurting people in society so im kinda iffy here). The outright ban of almost anything in certain professional and collegiate sports is ridiculous imo.