I recently switched dial-up ISP's and went with these losers. You know how you see those commercials when they visit different cities, etc? The people say "I can't think of a single reason not to do this" Well here, I got some for ya....

1. 5x faster? **** no, maybe 5x times slower, straight up, this speed is pitiful, my last ISP was MUCH faster.

2. Everytime I connect, I gotta go through their software program just to dial out. First it dials out, then it takes me right to their site, then it loads another page that visits their sponsor, most of the time its Orbitz. All the while it takes FOREVER and sometimes freezes up due to all the $hit happening at once.

3. I have to use their webpage just to go through Outlook Express.

4. After being on idle for even 5 minutes while online, it disconnects, then my computer says "this program has done an illegal operation and I have to restart. This doesn't happen all the time, but I'd say 85%. I've tried re-installing the software and same things happen.

5. Tons of bugs in the program. It gives me the option to mute my modem, but for some dumb reason it only worked 4 times, and now I have to listen to this horrible screeching noise every time.

I could honestly keep goin on w/ my rant, but I think you gents get my point. I simply ****ing HATE IT, when I get the shaft from stuff like this, it pisses me off to high hell and back.

OK, back to surfing.....