fitday vs thedailyplate vs my-calorie-counter, whats your favorite diet tracker?

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    fitday vs thedailyplate vs my-calorie-counter, whats your favorite diet tracker?

    I want to start paying a closer attention at my diet and track the overall calories/protein/fat intake and I'm in need of a useful tool or site to do so.
    I found these sites on my google search result but don't know much about them and was hopping to get some feedback on these before i go waste too much time setting them up. The features I'd be interested in are, an easy way to enter custom food items, easily create daily food list and maybe some reporting as well.
    What tool do you use to track your diet that I should look into?
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    I use FitDay PC (the desktop version).

    Where it shines is in running many varied reports. If I want to know how much calcium I have consumed on average over the past 2 months, I run a report -- there's my answer.

    It gets the job done for me.

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