Planning a trip to Vegas

  1. Planning a trip to Vegas

    hey guys
    im planning a trip to vegas in a couple of weeks. anybody know of any cheap deals on flights/hotels/package ? I would be departing out of Toronto.
    Anything I gotta see/do when I'm there?

  2. I haven't been there in years so I really can't comment on the newer attractions but I can say rent a convertible. The most fun I had while I was there was going to see stuff outside of the city. The rest of the time was dedictaed to getting drunk and blowing money.

  3. wahooo getting drunk and blowing money is the plan!

  4. CC, my favorite spot to go mayn. Ill be heading there mid march for the fifth time in 3 years. Your best bet would be or yahoo.travels or expedia. Dont believe Jetblue flies out of Toronto. And as for the hotels, no doubt calling up the individual hotels and asking them to quote you a price wouldnt hurt. Remember, they are real competitive and easy to neogoiate with since they are tyring to claim you over the other hotels on and off the strip. I think this year, we made reservations through Jetblue for the flight and Yahoo Travels for the hotel.

  5. sweet!
    i am looking at either gold coast or sahara or circus circus... any suggestions? circus and sahara are a little more expensive but not by much.
    Anything i gotta see/do?
    going there on the 29th i think for 4 nights.

  6. None of the three. Being honest.... too far up on the strip. Ive stayed at Mandalay Bay, Monte Carlo, MGM, Flamingo, and going back to MBay. Location to me is key b/c my boyz and i are all about where the action is and where the girls are. I could help you out a lot with clubs/nightlife, food, and spa/pools, but not too much on the shows and attractions. Best clubs in my opinion are Rain (Palms), Light (Bellagio), Ra (Luxor), and Studio 54 (MGM). Best buffet (hands down) in Vegas is at Bellagio, followed by Alladins. Bellagio dinner buffet will set you back upper 20's but do what my bozy and i do.... stay there for 3 hours and eat til they have to drag you out of the joint. Mandalay Bay has an amazing pool and spa. So does Casears and Bellagio. Flamingo is decent, and there are hand full of others that are decent as well. Your best bet (if you're looking for a cost efficient hotel, is probably Luxor, Flamingo, or Ballys...since all three has good amount of traffic from guests (good action) and are prime location (alhtough luxor is a bit further down). Good luck

  7. Play Baccarat and bet on the bank everytime. It may get boring but you do not have to think, you jsut sit, drink and bet bank over and over again. Statistically, you have a good shot at making some money or at least coming out even.

  8. Luxor seems to be my best bet out of the ones you mentioned... cheapest rates. How far is it from gold coast to the main strip? I heard only a 15-20 minute walk.

    I am more of a blackjack player... never played baccarat before.

    Thanks for your advice guys!

  9. Quote Originally Posted by canadian champ
    I am more of a blackjack player... never played baccarat before.

    Thanks for your advice guys!

    Blackjack is certainly more exciting but takes more focus and thinking.

    I just taught you how to play baccarat. Bet the same $ each time and always take the bank. That is all you need to know.

  10. Baccarat(use size's advice), craps(just bet pass or don't pass/come or don't come and once a number comes up take the odds on it, all other bets are a waste), blackjack (learn to play basic strategy not that hard to do). If your bankroll gets low play video poker. All the other games offer sh*tty odds.

  11. thanks for the gamlbing tips
    I am trying to get a place closer to the action as suggested... how bout the boardwalk? It seems to be a bit smaller than the others (and cheaper) and right in the middle of the goods.
    Also, all these places jack up the price if you say that 4 guests are staying in one room (which is the case with me) ... is it a good idea to just say two are staying and have 2 guys just sneak up to the room? Are they really tight with that ****?
    Thanks guys appreciate all your help
    gonna come back a millionaire. heh.

  12. Always wear a condom, no matter what the hooker/woman says.

  13. dont gamble away your plane tickets for the way home

  14. The strip is decent but the action is geared toward a different crowd than I prefer. They offer lots of entertainment but I go to Vegas for the gambling and best odds...hence, I stay down on Freemont. My preferred accomodations are always at the Golden Nugget. You get a coupon book for a few free buffets and also lots of other essentials for the trip. Now, down on Freemont you won't have the flashy shows and roller coasters but you'll find great odds on your favorite games. It's not too difficult to find a dollar craps table with 100X odds!

    If you are also looking for other entertainment you could get a taxi and $5 later you are on the strip where another 20+ casinos are within walking distance.

    If you are looking for other, other entertainment stay down on Freemont and go to the Fitz...right across from the craps pit there is a small bar where the working ladies will wait for your attention. I have not used their services but understand they are very reasonable and competitive with other venues within Vegas. As was stated above, always wrap that sucker...

    Enjoy your trip and stay safe!


  15. If your going to play Bacarat just rent a couple of the old James Bond movies, and do what he did. He won everytime

  16. I'm planning to go to Vegas with my wife for our wedding anniversary in DEC 2004.

    She likes the slots, I like to drink and watch strippers. What hotel should I stay at?



  17. Quote Originally Posted by Greenguy
    She likes the slots, I like to drink and watch strippers. What hotel should I stay at?


    Funny b/c I like to drink and have sex with strippers.

  18. Quote Originally Posted by size
    Funny b/c I like to drink and have sex with strippers.
    I don't think that would be wise or healthy on my 25th wedding anniversary vacation.

    What hotels have strip clubs within walking distance?


  19. hard rock's right across a good strip club. more of a younger crowd though, good slots. MGM, Bellagio, and i heard Stardust has good slots. I know the first two does. Lot of the Downtown hotels have fine slots.


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