Need help planning a honeymoon vacation

  1. Need help planning a honeymoon vacation

    I have been surfing endlessly looking for the right place. We both want to do an all-inclusive somewhere in the carribean,we just don't know where. I have been lurking around on TripAdvisor,and i am glad i found that site. Originally we were just going to book a Honeymoon on Sandals,and be done with it,but the reviews on Sandals have been less than favorable.

    This will be my first ever excursion somewhere exotic,and out of the states. She has already been to St. Thomas and loves it,i would just like to go somewhere where we both have never been.

  2. Check out Vieques, PR. Its a small island off of PR thats nice.

    Theres not a lot of tourists, like you'd see on the mainland PR island.

    I stayed at a place called Casa La Lanchita. Its right on the beach and the prices were fairly cheap.

    Just be aware that the island is fairly void of night life. Most of the bars and eateries closed early. But if you want empty beaches and not a lot of tourists, its good to go.

    The Virgin islands are a ferry ride away. so you could hop from island to island fairly easilly.

    If you want fancy, vieques may not be the place for you.

  3. Any particular reason for an all inclusive? also a nice thought is a cruise instead, that way you see multiple new islands.

    St Maarten is my favorite island in the carribean fwiw. The whole half dutch half french thing with the dividing line down the middle is interesting. Dutch side clean and pretty and proper, french side rougher and raunchier....

  4. All-inclusive just because we want the free drinks and food,but i am realizing that with that option you will be getting people from all walks of life. Like i said guy's,this is my first ever excursion somewhere exotic,and nice. I am new to this,i would like to get the most for my hard earned$$$. I would like to go somewhere where the American dollar will go a little bit further than here.

    What i am realizing is that the islands are expensive,nothing is cheap,that is why i am looking into an all-ainclusive.

  5. One of my co-worker's has a house in Suva,Fiji. He already said he would let me stay there for free,but the flight itself to Suva is 5100-5200$$ although he told me that i would live like a king while i was down there. He said that 30 american$$ is basically a month's salary for the average blue-collar worker down there.

  6. Look into the Turks and Caicos Islands. While I've never been, a close friend of mine goes every year and LOVES it. One of these years I'm going too, but I hear very good things from more people than just him.

  7. Did our honeymoon at the Grand Velas resort in Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico. (next door to Puerto Vallarta) It was awesome. Great food, great views, drinks, activities, proximity to activities and attractions, etc...couldn't have been happier.

    Nothing better than getting drink after drink for free or getting the bill with a big fat "0" after a hearty dinner.

  8. I have never been there but would love to go to St Croix!

  9. The carribean is basically the cheapest resort type area of its kind in the world. If you go to other islands, Spanish, Maditerranean, Agean, Red Sea or anything like that, it will be much much more expensive. So try not to look at it like you are getting ripped. There is that one place close to Cancun where lots of honeymooners go that is off the chain I hear. I have been to some of the most exotic beaches on all continents except for Antarctica and honestly Cancun had the best beaches, clearest water, nicest waves, whitest sand.

    Oh yeah and it just happens to be the cheapest out of all the places too. It was just an all out resort which is probably what you had in mind. Other places involve a little more walking and more money in order to get a drink. The carribean is the true thing you have imagined as far as little umbrellas in your drink being served while laying on the beach.

  10. Haha..nice
    Last night we were checking out the Breezes resort in Curacao. Pretty good reviews on that one. I have been looking into the Turks and Caicos,and believe me if i can find one that suits me for decent i will be jumping on it.

  11. Like Dynomite said, when dealing w/ price, you will not find anything like the Carribean Islands in the world. After I read your post I went and did a quick google of the Turks and Caicos Islands and looked at just a couple places. From the 3 or 4 places I looked at you would be living in the lap of luxury for around 200 a day. Which, IMO, is cheap as hell!!!!! As far as the all inclusive packages search around the web for something like that. I don't know how much it will cost to get you there either. But it would be well worth it IMO.


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