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  1. the one im looking most forward to this year is Troy, starring Brad Pitt. Just looks like an epic in the making.....

  2. The Punisher!

    Fun Fact: Kevin "Big Sexy" Nash from the WWE plays as The Russian in this one.. He was actually stabbed by accident during a fight scene with Thomas Jane..

  3. This movie should be indeed SICK!!

    Troy should be a good one, I can't get into that historical stuff, though.. I've been a product of John Woo for too long, if I don't see shoot-outs and martial arts, it's a chick flick!

  4. heard nash ruptured discs which is why he is outta wrestling didnt know he was g the comic geek i am proud to be ..i cant wait for punisher or spidey 2..fantastic four next year is gonna be sick..hellboy should have been cgi's.the creator mike mignola did a hell of a lot of designs for disney's was the first time disney acknowledged a single artist sontribution to a movie

  5. this movie looks wild...

    i love the natural disaster movies...

  6. Here's a list of a few movies that I recently saw.

    House of the Dead: Horrible movie!! I saw more boobies than killings! Total waste of my time... The yammies were a nice side-plot though.

    Wrong Turn: Very good plot.....good acting, good make-up, etc. Was kinda short, and they could've made it even better, but IMO its a thumbs up...

    X2: Good movie, although I was never a fan of the comic heroes, I was able to get into this one.

    Freddy vs. Jason: umm....bad acting alike all of their previous films, it was still a movie that I could keep watching though, sorta suspenseful. I would see it again, I guess..

    The (new) Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Descent to say the least, suspenseful, etc. Would definately see it again. Nice run-off of the old one.

  7. I just can't wait for Troy

  8. Very sick movie, indeed!
    Attached Images Attached Images

  9. good find there Pete

  10. Quote Originally Posted by bigpetefox
    Very sick movie, indeed!
    Jessica Biel...

  11. YEEES! .... death by stereo!

  12. riddick was awesome i dont care if anybody agrees..great ending to it too..cant wait for another sequel

  13. [QUOTE=Rogue Drone
    Me,I'm just hoping Peter Jackson creates another Lord Of the Rings story.[/QUOTE]

    They will be making the Hobbit. And as for the Blade trailer that makes me want to go watch the first one agian. Thanks Pete
    I Have watch that movie more then any other in my dvd collection. I am going to go watch it right now. later.

  14. Chronicles of Riddick was awesome...I agree 100% with wojo...the ending was great...I can't wait to see it again

  15. pitch black and the chronicles of riddick were just very cool movies if vin diesel is smart he will continue with it.i actually just ordered the anime they did to bridge the gap between the 2 movies.peter chung did the animations..hes the animator of aeon flux and parts of the animatrix.

    have u guys seen the cast for the batman movie? it looks awesome.think there finally gonna do it right this time around.and the previews of blade trinity i just saw were great got bless jessica biel.

    btw anyone else seee spideerman 2? i think they nailed the character perfect

  16. Went to Thailand recently and got bootleg copies of Punisher, Hellboy, and Troy. I won't ruin anything but I think Troy was the best of the 3 mentioned above.

  17. That guy in the beginning of Troy is a ****ing monster. I didn't know they had AAS back in the days of Homer

  18. yeah, he "was" a ****ing monster.

  19. I'm dying to see the Chronicles of Riddick, Spiderman 2, and Troy. Haven't had any time lately, but it figures my girl wanted to see The Notebook last weekend. Needless to say she went with her mother and sister

    About Catwoman: I'm thinking 50/50 chance of either sucks balls or kickass. If they do it right it will be awesome, if not....well remember the Hulk?

  20. Catwoman will suck balls, at one point the guy who produced it contemplated not releasing it to theatres and going straight to video with it. Watch out for this stinker fellas


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