Blackberry users

  1. Blackberry users

    Im thinking of getting a blackberry storm. For those who have a strom how do you like it? is the touch screen accurate? I have herd a few bad things about the strom as it doesnt function well and i should get a curve instead.
    I want something thats good with email and good online capabilities.

  2. I have the curve but I have 3 friends with the storm. I've been playing a lot with it since im trying to decide between that and the iphone. The only real difference between that and the curve is the touch screen. Meaning that it's the same software as the curve. If you like the BB capabilities and want a touch screen then i'd say go for it. If the TS isn't a make or break decision then the curve is an excellent choice.

    As far as accuracy reliability etc... All my friends who have the phone said it works fine with the recent software update.

  3. I have the Curve too and love it. I almost got the Storm but am kinda glad I didnt. The first storms that came out apparently had some issues but the ones out now seem to be good. I wish there was an app for AM.
    Remember why you started.

  4. Both are good phones. I have a bb and the buttons are kinda worn from texting.
    The space key is not responsive so I end up with a period after every word.
    I was thinking about the new storm as well.

    However, my sister showed up with a new G1 and now I'm thinking about that

    The new G1 is coming out soon. I'll probably wait and go with that. Great online capabilities

  5. I have the Otter Box for my Curve... Bulky but excellent case! Three layers of protection and my keys still look brand new as well as the rest of the phone.

  6. Do any phones out have audible translation capability? It would be sweet if you could just talk into your phone and it sends it as a text. Kinda how it does that for speed/voice dialing.

  7. Whats a G1?

  8. G1 if from Google. There are speech to text programs for the BB. Didnt really use it after the novelty wore off.

  9. G1 = Awesomeness


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