Pudge Rodriguez is a piece of ****!

  1. Pudge Rodriguez is a piece of ****!

    For those of you who havn't yet heard, Pudge Rodriguez signed today with the DETROIT TIGERS for 4 years, $40 mil. If you're wondering why I am so pissed, I am a Florida Marlins fan and my dad actually used to work within the organization. I watched probably 2 out of every 3 games this year and was at most of the playoff games and 2 of the world series games. I have to admit that I fell in love with how Pudge plays the game, but boy do I hate him as a person.

    Pudge was quoted as saying that he loved Miami, and wanted to stay close to home (where he has a statue of himself in the front yard). For God sakes, you just won a championship in YOUR HOMETOWN! What else do you want? My Marlins offered him 3 years, 7.5 million a year...but that wasn't good enough..what a piece of ****.

    As badly as I want the Marlins to win, I now want the Tigers to lose just as bad. I hope they lose 150 games this year and Pudge hits .240 with 12 homers. A broken ankle somewhere along the way would be nice too. Sorry. Just had to vent!

  2. I loved watching the Marlins spank the yankees...It's too bad it's all about money I do like the way Pudge plays as well....

  3. As a lifelong fan of Detroit Tigers, I fully expect whatever is in the air, water, etc. to affect him like almost every other All-Star or former All-Star brought in over the last 15 years. I'm 99.99999% sure his statistics will be the worst 4 years of his entire career.


  4. Pudge will most likely "tire" of the losing within a season at the most and make himself enough of a pain in the ass that he will be traded to a contender, with Detroit probably picking up some of the contract. This will be after they realize that the "winner" and "world series champ" stuff doesn't come with just one player, especially a 32 year old catcher with alot of wear and tear. Pudge will have his cake and eat it too, just like Arod. Can't blame him as much as Detroit though.

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