No explode plus protein drinks equals serious gas!!!

  1. No explode plus protein drinks equals serious gas!!!

    This is a hilarious topic.....I cant believe i am even posting it.....but you gotta admit that the proteins and all the supps can seriously give some chronic gas! I totally blew the gym up today with nasty lingering gas. I cant help but to crack up over time there was a super hot chick on the leg press machine and i walked really close to her and let out a silent gas bomb! it literally makes you wanna gag.....but i am trying my hardest not to bust out laughing! Tell us all about your gas stories! again this is some funny stuff! And yes i am a total retard for even posting this topic!

  2. Ha, some days are really self-propelled.

  3. Farting is great, but I wish I could queef out my d*ckhole.

    I like the rumbling farts that you can feel coming from the deepest depths of your intestines. Those are something to be proud of.

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