Michael Jackson just died !!

  1. Michael Jackson just died !!

    Damn, the guy was strange to say the least but what a music legend he was. Also RIP Farrah Fawcett and Ed McMahon. What a week for celebs.
    Remember why you started.

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    I know It's so sad. He'll never truly die, I'll still be listening to his music when i'm old and grey

    He will always be the King of Pop.

  3. People will say what they will about his later years, but MJ had some of the greatest songs ever.

    "I am legally blind and if I can Squat,deadlift and over all get myself to the gym then anyone can get their a$$ in gear and get strong!!" - malleus25

  4. Quote Originally Posted by SilentBob187 View Post
    but MJ had some of the greatest songs ever.
    That's for sure, I grew up with him in the 80's. I remember wearing a shirt with his picture on it when i was like 6 years old. I still hear his songs sometimes even at various clubs.
    Remember why you started.

  5. R.I.P the one and only pop legend....

    Yea he was rather strange and went through a lot of mental troubles, not to mention the media patronizing him (like they generally do to other stars with a lot of money)... but musically no other pop artist came anywhere near him.

  6. I feel sorry for Michael. He obviously had a very troubled life. He never had any peace.

  7. I posted in the other thread, and the media coverage overall has pissed me off the most about it.

    I cant lie,... the guy was weird, messed up, did some rather crazy things, and well all ya'll know everything. But despite the crazy stuff, he made history. You cant deny his musical success and inspiration. It is as simple as that.

    On a side note: I hate the media.

  8. I've had enough. I've been in bars the past 2 nights and all they're fukin playing is MJ music.


  9. Quote Originally Posted by Droppingloads View Post
    I've had enough. I've been in bars the past 2 nights and all they're fukin playing is MJ music.

    They're doing that here too. Just deal with it or stay out of the bars for a couple weeks.
    Remember why you started.

  10. It's also on every fukin radio station it seems.

    And all over TV.

    Looks like I'll have to live in my bomb shelter for the next 2 weeks.

  11. He's touching angels now.

  12. Just let it run its course.
    Remember why you started.


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