Obama Fried Chicken

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  1. Obama Fried Chicken

    Please discuss...

  2. Your pic came out as a red X. I'm in full support of any fried chicken though.

  3. I had to google it. Someone actually named two fried chicken joints in NYC 'Obama Fried Chicken'.

  4. I put the link in, not sure why it's not showing up....

  5. Quote Originally Posted by texaswolf View Post
    I had to google it. Someone actually named two fried chicken joints in NYC 'Obama Fried Chicken'.

    Hey maybe its a political statement about how is is frying our economy?

    Obama Fried Politics. Its wallet stripping good!

  6. Great, now I'm hungry and it's an hour till lunch. Thanks.

  7. I bet you're dying for that Halal food

  8. What is Halal food??

  9. Terrorist food.


  10. Quote Originally Posted by Droppingloads View Post
    Terrorist food.

    Yep. Google helped me out again.

    Halal (حلال, ḥalāl, Halaal) is an Arabic term designating any object or an action which is permissible to use or engage in, according to Islamic law. It is the opposite of haraam. The term is widely used to designate food seen as permissible according to Islamic law (Sharia) - ( (الشريعة الإسلامية). It is estimated that 70% of Muslims worldwide follow halal food standards.[1] and that the global halal market is currently a $580 (U.S.) billion industry.

  11. They're picky of what they eat yet they blow each other up!


  12. Quote Originally Posted by Droppingloads View Post
    I bet you're dying for that Halal food
    Oh man...great call. $5 for a plate full of delicious "chicken" and "lamb"...the colon cleanse that happens 15 minutes later comes free of charge.

  13. No kiddin.

    Bro, the Taqueria at Citi Field is freakin awesome. I can't to go again.


  14. That reminds me of after September 11. You'd see a lot of fast food joints with signs in the window like "Chicken Fingers 3.49/lb. God Bless America." I bet we'll be seeing a lot of colored kids with the name Barack in a few years.

  15. Well there are some schools already being named after him.

  16. Quote Originally Posted by Droppingloads View Post

    Well there are some schools already being named after him.
    You've got to be ****ing kidding me? 6 months in office and he already gets schools named after him......

  17. No, it's better than that.

    There was a school in Long Island or somewhere in NYC that took his name BEFORE he took office. Right after he got elected.


  18. Not as bad as the restaurant in Germany calling their ckn fingers "Obama Fingers" haha
  19. Future
    Future's Avatar

    Pretty disrespectful photo with some racial undertone.

    I did vote for Obama. I dont think he has done a bad job. We forget that the economy was tanking under the previous president. The bottom line is what can we all do to help out to get the country going? There are local community action programs that despite political affiliation can help people like you and me. That is REALLY what the country is...not about politicians.

  20. Point being one of the reasons Obama was elected, is his race. He pretty much instant won every minorities vote. I knew the first black man to run would win instantly.

    Secondly, he has not done a damn thing to have anything named after him yet. Its just overly proud people of certain ethnicity and Caucasians trying to suck up and look good.

    No I am not racist, I just state the facts.

  21. I don't think Obama got elected for being black. I think he got elected because Bush/Cheney drove the Republican party off a cliff. The Republicans didn't stand much of a chance in the election with their credibility pissed into the wind.

  22. Obama didn't get elected because of his race, although the idea of electing a [half] black president was enticing to a lot of people. He got about 90% of the black vote, which is typical in any election.

    The democrats were going to win this time because of the republican party's failures and Obama ran a much better campaign than Hillary. Everyone wanted a new fresh face and Hillary was still seen by many as a status quo politician. Not to mention that as soon as Obama won a couple of primaries, many prominent democrats began coming out and endorsing Obama (Kennedy, Kerry, etc.).

  23. I do agree the Bush administration ruined the Republicans chance for this election. But the celebrations, and actions, and attitudes of certain ethnicity, and videos that popped up everywhere. You would think they acted like the won the friggin lottery.

    Never see that b4.

    I dont care if hee is black, white, red, blue, or invisible as long as he does the job good. I am just saying he was elected thanks to Bush and being black, not because of his offerings.


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