Baseball Thread 2009

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  1. Baseball Thread 2009

    Rays and Mets rubber game today JW.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by Adam23294 View Post
    Rays and Mets rubber game today JW.
    You effin know it Groosman! Supposed to be Pelfrey/Niemann...we'll see if the weather holds out though. I heard it's pretty sloppy back East.

  3. What's Pelfrey like this year? Niemann had a rough start but has gotten consistently better every game since then, except for his last start.

  4. Pelf's been up-and-down. He'll look brilliant one day, then his next start he'll be all over the place. He needs to develop more confidence in his stuff. I think that'll lead to some improved command. Wright seems to be taking him under his wing, having talks with him, firing him up, etc.

    Bottom line, still not sure what you'll get from start to start.

  5. Raoul Ibanez is on the DL for 15 days!!! What are my phillies gonna do without their star? and Jammie Moyer is an old washed up turd who gets lucky more than anything

  6. Damn...Niemann is 6' 9"??? Pelfrey is 6' 7". Has to be one of the tallest combined pitching matchups ever.

  7. go orioles!

  8. Schneider wearing Tampa out! Between his dingers and throwing Crawford out on a very ill-advised SB attempt which ended a big inning...he's looking like the series MVP.

    hopefully the Mets can hold onto this lead though...

  9. Ahhhhh. What can I say about my Rays except.....GO RAYS!!! I got so pissed after Schneider jacked that 3 run HR that I didn't wanna watch the rest of the game, but when I turned it back 5 mins later BJ had just hit that f*cking MONSTER mash into the 2nd deck. Needless to say I was pleased how the game and series turned out.

    Saneslut, are you a phucking Phillies fan? GTFO of this thread RIGHT NOW.

  10. Mets bullpen took a feces. Damn they suck.

  11. Can't believe Beltran's on the DL now too. The Mets are VERY lucky to only be 1.5 GB right now. Imagine if Delgado, Beltran, Putz and Reyes had been healthy all year? Hopefully we can get em back on the field soon.

    5-1 Livan on the bump tonight!

  12. Word. It's a good thing the Phillies are playing like feces right now.

  13. Quote Originally Posted by Droppingloads View Post
    Word. It's a good thing the Phillies are playing like feces right now.
    Let's both hope they keep playing like feces. They're in St. Petersburg for a 3 game World Series rematch.

  14. huh huh huh uh huh huh you said "peters"

    Let's hope the Rays sweep!

  15. AGREED!

  16. Rays got effing raped tonight. Everything went south after Longo's error in the 1st inning. Seemed to set the tone for the rest of the game.

  17. Price was doo-doo tonight.

    Playing with frying pans instead of gloves didn't help either.

  18. That's how the minors roll though...any type of crazy promotions to get people to the ballpark.

  19. I'm surprised you didn't go to this game to get an Obama bobblehead doll!

    I know Roids wants one.

  20. Quote Originally Posted by Droppingloads View Post
    I'm surprised you didn't go to this game to get an Obama bobblehead doll!:
    Maybe if Maine were making a rehab start...and if I was still living in NYC.

  21. I'd like to check out a Cyclones game one day. I've never been out there.

    Mmm Nathans hot dogs....

    I had to have one at Citi. Kicked ass.

  22. I've had Nathan's in Coney Island, but never made it to a Cyclones game.

    Can't friggin wait to go to Citi...

  23. I got pretty smashed at Citi. Started at 12:30 with Sparks on the train. Finished my 4th just as we're getting off the LIRR.

    Then as soon as we got in, beers. Bud of course, they didn't have Bud Ice, fukers. Then we had a round of Patron shots.

    When they were doing the last call we loaded up on beers, double fisted. Good times.

    I can't wait to go again.


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