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    The ole lady woke me up at 5:45 for an AP session this a.m. I took some cialis a few days ago, so I was rock hard and drilling deep. Only problem is, when I AP first thing in thae a.m. it takes me a good 30 minutes to pop. I'm fukkin beat!

    I think I'm gonna chill with a few natty ices later on.

    Anyone else got any good AP stories?

    Feel free to post up a pic of your wife or gf whilst your at it!

  2. Word. The mornings are rough to AP. I mean yeah I'm hard as **** and love pounding the puss but it does take longer to bust cause I'm still half asleep. I'm not a morning person.

  3. Im down for some new Clean Thread action. Tell Alan and J-dub to get over here now!

  4. Word. Pretty soon it'll be just the g ayas s mods over there j erking each other off.

  5. Whats the deal with all the new mods over there? How the F did Josh become a Mod? HE's a complete D-bag that knows nothing!

  6. Word. They found the lamest guys to pick. Guys that kiss the azzes of every rep and existing mod.

  7. clean thread? sex stories?

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Doogsy123 View Post
    Whats the deal with all the new mods over there? How the F did Josh become a Mod? HE's a complete D-bag that knows nothing!
    Yea, he is definitely a douche.

  9. Yep, any good AP stories go in here.

  10. What does AP stand for?

  11. Quote Originally Posted by Droppingloads View Post
    Damn tried to post a Mr Plough pic but you need 50 posts

  12. LOL Autoplow? lol right

    I have a wonderful sex story for you guys.. Ok three days ago, i'm at work and i get a phone call. I look at my phone to see the number and i have no idea who it is. So i answer it and it was my ex girlfriend from a couple years ago. So we say hi and all that stupid ****, then she tells me shes in my area and that she wants to stop in my job to catch up. So she shows up and we're talking and bull****tin and as lousy as it gets, my current girlfriends roommate comes in the liqour store right after my ex did and sees us talking and luaghing and ****... well i said hi to him (my g/f's roommate) and he said hi back (he's gay) and then he leaves... well 5 mins later, i get another phone call from current g/f and she said, "What are you doing? Are you talking to a girl with short brown hair? **** you, you're *******, you can just stay home!" LOL i was Supposed to hang with my g/f that night, but it never happened... anyhow i finish up with my ex and tell her i'll be free tonight, so she says, "give me a call after you get done work." and i said "ok"

    So i'm done work now and i call my ex and shes already waiting at my house lol so we meet up at my place and she demands i get in her car lol and we go straight to a bar thats out of town and have a few drinks... i just had two Miller Lite Drafts and a Corona 12oz beer with a shot of Parrot Bay's Key Lime in it, and let me tell you... OMG thats soooo goood.. and she had a couple drinks called "Blue Hawiians." Well, the bartender was some Turkish moron and didn't know how to make them at first, so he looked it up and only put a tiny bit of Pineapple juice in it and god damn it was ****ing strong lol Anyway, we had our drinks and she smoked a couple ciggerettes and then we went back to my place..

    So again, we're at my house and we decide to go inside, she pops a squat and turns the water on so i can't hear anything,,, Not like i wanted to hear her peeing... but w/e and then she goes outside to my back yard in the pool area.. she says, "i got a good idea, lets go skinny dipping." Out loud i said, "what are you ****ing crazy?" But she didn't hear anything i said and she began stripping down butt ass naked and then i followed... Ok this is what i want you to know, its 12 at night, there is a cool breeze, and the water in my pool was colder than Hell.. i'm like 3 inches way from that cold water touching my package and i refuse to go any further and that bitch pushed me in!!!

    anyhow, after shaking and freezing and i can barely talk, we grab each other for some warmth.. and well, i made my move.. I started kissing her on the neck, nibbling on her ear... then some mouth to mouth.. and about 3 seconds in i got a Boner the size of the statue of Liberty... oh, keep in mind she at this point is straddling me in the pool... so i angle my size the right way and thrust in for some AP action... and that bitch went right in lol.... god damn it was warm in there.. so i'm hittin that **** in some freezing water.. Bam bam bam lol then i bust inside her thinking the Chemicals and Chlorine would kill the sperm.. i was told later that is only a myth so, i hope no babies come out soon

    anyhow we go inside, and she hops in my bed and makes me go in with her (like i didn't want want to lol), and we're cuddling and warming each other up. then she says, "Why do you still have your clothes on?" lol however, simce I just finished my Cycle of Phera and i'm on my PCT, my sex drive isn't what it was a month ago so i couldn't get hard... she was litterly begging for my **** and i couldn't get hard to save my life lol... i felt so pathetic lol i felt less than a man

    oh, and last night, we went straight to my bed and i AP'ed the hell out of her and she loved every moment then i dropped my load on her stomach/tits lol

    good times

  13. Another Grade A story from Sloot!

    MOD EDIT: Guys, were happy to have you but keep it somewhat clean. Keep the the hardcore graphic explanations out. If you make us laugh, we'll leave you the hell alone.




  14. Sorry, i'll know for next time to "clean" up my stories a bit. I'll be less graphic

  15. Great Fin story man!!

    See, you gotta have some liquid cialis on hand for when you're on the roids. You should've taken it after work, let it kick in and then you're ready for anything!

    Umm... how much does your ex weigh? lol

  16. Quote Originally Posted by Droppingloads View Post
    Umm... how much does your ex weigh? lol
    She is a fatty, but pretty, great small boobs, beautiful nipples. Italian girl.. fat butt, and she can ride so goood.... God Damn!

    shes probably close, but under 200lbs

  17. After those drinks she looked like she weighed 140lbs right? lol

  18. HE didnt drink that much lol

  19. Awesome actividad today!!!

    Yep, pretty soon, it'll just be one big mod circle jerk over at Bnut. There are so many folks over here that we could easily get up to a 2,000 page clean thread soon.

    Sounds like Sane is getting his share. Maybe he's onto sum10 with these fat chicks! If you're getting enough action, quantity might just be better than quality.

  20. I agree, new trim all the time. It's all pink inside, probably feels just as good. I mean there is a line but just have a few brews, down some liquid cialis and grab some flour and bring it on!!!

  21. Werd! Fat chicks are fun too. They're eager to please and usually swallow. I've done a couple over the years. If she's too big, I'd deff have to have some C on hand.

    I could seriously JO to that Jillian pic right now!

  22. If your only contribution to this board is going to be immature, childish and/or sexually explicit bull****, you are in the wrong place. Take it elsewhere.


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