electronic cigarettes

  1. electronic cigarettes

    I was up late last night and and saw a commercial for electronic cigarettes....i was wondering if they are bad for u????

  2. well they can't be good... better than regular cigs? maybe.

  3. It seems they claim to cut out all of the bad, and simply give you the nicotine. But it is a concentrated liquid nicotine that is released. Too much in a dose, is technically deadly.

    So in a sense its supposed ot be better, could be fatal, but its too new to tell yet.

    It does away with the tar and carcinogens, and simply gives you doses of nicotine, and even vapor smoke to exhale.

    Apparently they even offer Vitamin Enriched cartridges. So you can get your nicotine and a dose of vitamin B all in one shot. Or energy mixtures, or vitamin C, or so on so on so on

  4. i think its probably better than smoking, but should be one of your tools to quit smoking, not something that you should think is "safer" or "better".

  5. Do I plug it up to my USB port?

  6. if it gives to nicotine, then your still going to be addicted, so what's the point? if your going to quit i guess you could use it for that like SC said.

  7. my friend's wife sells these. you buy the "cigarette" and then you get nicotine vapor cartridges that you pop in. It is very safe, just the nicotine is a an upper so you still run all the associated risks. Its a great alternative to actually smoking.

  8. i think u can plug it in ur usb port?

  9. Quote Originally Posted by medic620 View Post
    i think u can plug it in ur usb port?
    yeah you can - wikipedia it and it shows the usb port charger

  10. Yea I have 2 of these. Neat things really.

    Although the majority are unreliable because they are chinese made. Otherwise they are good to quit smoking with simply because you don't light up and can smoke it anywhere. For me, it broke the habit of going outside to smoke and have to light up. This was take a quick puff, and the craving is gone.

    Plus each cartridge is a set amount of nicotine, so you can regulate how much nicotine you are getting. The only problem is the solvent, PPG, is not studied for it's long term effects through inhalation.


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