Stubborn hair

  1. Stubborn hair

    I dont know where else to put this lol its kind of a weird question but anywho. Whenever i sweat or for that matter get my hair wet like taking a shower my hair just like poofs out it gets extremely annoying i dont know what it is, i know its something with probally my hair is too dry or my scalp or something but i have to keep my hair short or else its almost like an afro.

    I know this probally doesnt make much sense lol but does anyone have a similiar problem and have they used a certain shampoo to fix it? Basically a quick rundown whenever my hair gets wet it poofs out and only way i can describe it is hairs every which way and its not really smooth. I dunno i can live with it just wondering if any cures lol.

  2. Dude for a white guy, I get a fluff fro going. Its why I hate cutting my hair, when its long enough it holds itself down. When its shorter, I can fluff myself into a q-tip. I have tried many forms of shampoo, and have ultimately found only 1 thing that works. And its not shampoo, its a guerrilla tactic against my hair.

    As soon as I am out of the shower, a ball cap or beanie goes on(feels GREAT in the winter). After it dries compressed, I remove cap, fluff it out a bit(it wont fuzz at this point unless I do it excessively) and add in gel and style to my liking.

    It is a curse, my hair is like wire. Every barber visit=a cousin IT running around on the floor.

  3. ya ive been doing that lately using a hat it does work just annoying to do all the time.

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