Anyone want to mess with Gropro some more

  1. Talking Anyone want to mess with Gropro some more

  2. He's been served his notice!

  3. I want to get his ass served over there as well. Are you heading over?

  4. The situation has been pretty well handled. Its nothing but a waste of time. I dont think SS or Gopro will ever change so argueing over nothing is useless. When theres something worth debateing then you better believe Im there but till then..... we sit back and be thankful he aint here.


  5. Don't turn it into a debate of opinions. Wait until he slips up and makes a claim that can be proven correct or incorrect.

    I'm installing linux and won't be on the board much until I get everything configured.


  6. Cool, I was just waiting for him to state that their M1T or Methyl4AD is safer than everyone elses.

    Good luck with the change chemo.

  7. Last post until I get transitioned...

    Handle yourselves with professionalism


  8. Of course

  9. Professionalism??? Me??? Never!!!!!!

    J/K Bro, i got you covered.


  10. Db give me a pm.

  11. Goddamn! I leave for one day and you guys tear SS a new one. That thread only became what it did because truthfully I had nothing better to do at work. I wouldn't waste my time trying to get SS to post studies or to admit their delivery system sucks, so don't bother. He is just trying to get you guys pissed off. **** him!

  12. Its to much fun pissing people off, especially when your like me and feed off retaliation. I love when people bring everything they got and I can just shake (and sometimes laugh) it off and flip the script on them and send them away in tears. There baffled as to how I dont get pissed. I love it. The saying goes if you can dish it out you better be willing to take it. I CAN TAKE IT, can he? FUN, FUN, FUN!!!!



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