Does anyone here run a website?

  1. Does anyone here run a website?

    I am looking at getting something started, but I am a bit confused on what i need to do.

  2. I had one in the past for a while. What is it you need help with?

  3. I ran a few and still got a couple going, I even host them at home... pretty simple stuff.. what you need help with?

  4. i've run a few in the past... i'm developing one at the moment which involves a shopping cart (an open source one).

    yea, what do you need help with?
    Developing the site itself?
    Deploying it?
  5. tattoopierced1
    tattoopierced1's Avatar

    its pretty easy to get one started depending on what you are wanting to do, and the complexity of it.

  6. I currently run one with a partner. We recently installed a shopping cart (show me the money!)


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