LCD TV bulbs replacement

  1. LCD TV bulbs replacement

    Has anyone done this? Am I crazy to try it by myself?

    I have a 60" sony LCD that burnt out...what am I looking at.

    And, yes the warranty expired 7 days prior grrrrrr

  2. It may be the backlight inverter or the lamp itself.

    See if those things are available to buy as replacements (sorry I can't recommend somewhere) and you can get an idea of what they are like.

    Most consumer goods are awkward to take apart with some exceptions. You tend to find that you need more hands than you have to stop cases clipping back together.

  3. Can I find out what it needs by opening it up?

  4. You may not be able to tell by just looking.

    I imagine there are lots of places that repair these now though. It might be more cost effective to have someone else repair it and maybe they will guarantee the work.

    You could try Googling the make and model number and looking for fault related posts in forums, these sometimes have pictures of the faulty parts if that model is susceptible to a particular fault.

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