atv's, utv's, and dirt bikes?

  1. Davidlee
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    atv's, utv's, and dirt bikes?

    what do you ppl ride.. i have recently sold my bikes, which were a 125 and 250 kx's.. both tricked out.. im now on a 06 vinson 500 with itp rims and 27 in tires, 2500 warn winch.

  2. My family owns this shop - I have been around quad racing all my life.

    I had a built 440ex - Full JB Chassis, Hetrick Engine, Elkas, etc.

    Sold it and bought my truck... Lifted 99 Silverado.

    Now I am a big boy and sold all my toys for my equinox.
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  3. Davidlee
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    haha thats what up

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