Got in a wreck

  1. Got in a wreck

    A car switched lanes and smacked another car propelling it forward into the (they must have been doing 90) rear driver side of our 15 passenger cargo van (it was a rental we were picking up an exhibit). I got the worst of it getting tossed around. We smacked a cement wall going about 60 and then crossed over four lanes of traffic (thank God) without getting hit. I can't workout for awhile. This sucks, I got some pics for you guys though.

  2. Oh yeah, the second two are from that night and the first one is the day after. This happened last Thursday. I got 12 stitches under the eye. It wasn't a clean cut so it must have happened when my head smacked something.
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  3. Damn bro that sucks but it could have been worse. Being out of the gym would piss me off as well. I'm sure you'll have a speedy recovery bro and hit the gym hard when you come back. That eye looks like you got hit by Tyson, damn
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  4. sorry to hear about that..

  5. Sorry to hear about it man. Least you survived

  6. Damn thats what I call a hardcore member. He didnt just post and let us know but he posted that same evening with pictures even before he changed out of the bloody clothes.

    Sucks to hear that bro, You should be thanking god for it not being any worse though.
    Just curious but how long did they say before you can lift again.
    Ive been in your shoes plenty of times but under different circumstances.


  7. WHOA!!! that's a ****ing bummer dude.... Glad everything's alright with you man, make sure you take care of that eye bro. That picture phone sure comes in handy eh? LOL

    Man, it seems like everyone's getting in wrecks recently. My friend just got in a pretty bad one as well.

    Take care....

  8. wow... what can I say but I'm glad it wasn't worse, and those are some awesome pics bro! feels ****ty to be out of the gym awhile, but at least you didn't break things or seriously damage things you know?

  9. Damn bro that's a nasty looking cut. Glad to hear you are OK.

  10. Thanks everyone for the kind words. And yes, you guys are right, it could have been worse, much, much worse. You hear about people being killed from less, I am definitely thankful. And yes, afterwards it felt like I got hit by Tyson. I jumped out of the van to see if everyone was ok and then everyone looked at me and just said get something under you eye and I felt my face and I was covered in blood. I was more concerned about everyone else. I was joking around with the paramedics too. THey were taking my blood pressure and the guy said he needed a bigger wrap that my arms were huge. SO I flexed them and asked if anyone had a mirror. They chuckled, I was in pain but I wanted them to know that I was responsive and ok.

    DB, well I was so sore I couldn't really move the first 5-6 days after the wreck and my doctor told me just to take it easy for another week, I got my stitches (suture) removed on Tuesday. So he told me not to lift hardcore for about another week. It is driving me crazy.
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    Sounds like you dodged a bullet on that one. Glad to hear you're ok.

    Do yourself a favor though, if you haven't already, contact an attorney who specializes in personal injury law. That's a heck of gash under your eye. I'm not an attorney, nor even an insurance person, but I doubt that typical group medical insurance coverage would allow for cosmetic corrective surgery to eliminate the scar you're sure to have. And who knows, you may have other problems down the road from this accident that aren't apparent to you or your physician now.

    You may also be entitled to recover other personal damages. For example, your inability to earn $ while you're recovering. The insurance company representing the car responsible is not going to just pony up their max offer. Negotiation is involved, and a good personal injury attorney is in the best position to get you the maximum you're entitled to, even if you have to split some of it with them.

    Best of luck with everything, and glad to hear you made it through the ordeal. I'm sure being in good shape with extra muscle mass helped you here.
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  12. Thanks PC1, thanks for the kind words and the sound advice. It means alot hearing this from all of you. I definitely feel this is more than just a message board for diet and training. So again, thanks to all.

    The more I research personal injury claims the more I realize that I can represent myself. I have a good source sort of outlining the proper procedures and stuff like that. Yes, the adjusters job is to close the book as quickly and a cheap as possible. It would be a good idea to get a lawyer if death or dissability and other long term problems were apparent but with this, most people with some research can hand it themselves. Some studies have shown that most lawyer may on get you 10-20% more than you can but yet take 40-50% of the money not including other expenses incurred. It is neat actually to find out how adjusters come up with their quotes. Aside from the obvious expenses they have a multplier depending on how severe the injury is to compensate for pain and suffering and long term effects. Usually the multiplier can range from 1 to 10, 10 being the most severe of course. so if you had 5000 dollars in medical bills, lost wages, etc. they would multiply that depending on the severity of the injury to compensate for pain and suffering and etc..

    I have a passion for research. Just like anytime I want to take a new supplement (ex. ephedrine) I will research it to death before I consider taking it. I love to research and this is quit interesting to research too.

    But again, thanks to everyone!!
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    In terms of representing yourself, here's something I'd like you to consider:

    I have a good technical business background by virtue of my career field. I had prepared myself to walk into a small court case several years ago. (1) I was factually correct in the matter; (2) I had done my homework and was confident about how I would present myself and layout my facts and claim.

    I lost the case. They lied, and misrepresented what had happened. I was entirely unprepared for it because I never contemplated dishonesty as a strategy.

    You need to keep in mind that your adversary (insurance company) has attorneys as employees, as well as outside legal help. They have 1 goal....... to justify their fees/salaries by winning, and saving the insurance company more money than if they were not involved working on the matter. You can toss scruples and integrity right out the window, no one gives a damn.

    And unlike you and I, they do this EVERY DAY for a living, bro, and the earn a comfortable living because they're successful at it.

    I realize we're not talking about a small court case in your matter, but the principles remain the same, because ultimately, you may need to file suit in order to achieve your maximum claim potential. And you don't want to jeopardize that because of a procedural miscue.

    You may have a lot on the line here, and I hope you'll reconsider. But I'll stop preaching like I'm your older brother or something

    In either event, I wish you the best of luck in the matter.

  14. Thanks PC. I really appreciate you even taking the time to express your concern for not only my well being but my compensation for my troubles as well.

    The thing is, there are two things, never sign anything and document everything so they can't lie. If they agree to something, you have them fax over that statement signed. You need to record coversations if you meet with them and anything else you can do. Yes, you are correct unfortunately, integrity and honesty are not their two biggest attributes and yes they do it for a living. But this is still probably going to be a small claim and I have at a year, maybe 2 years ( I am still trying to do the research on how long I have) and if things don't go the way I want to, I will get a lawyer. I am starting with a demand letter. This will start off by telling why they are liable and how the insured person was negligent. And being a head injury, usually they are more apt to sign because for all I know, I could have bleeding (dear God I hope not), they don't want to stick around and find out. And that is why I am not really going to negotiate with them yet because I want to get checked for any possible underlying conditions. The driver is at fault 100% so there are no disputes over this (police reports). The injuries and treatments will be outlined and cost of those with medical bills supporting that. Also lost wages will be included. Then comes in the multiplier for special damages. I think I have a good handle. Plus I do know an attorney who will advise me from time to time for no charge. Thanks again for your concern.

  15. [/QUOTE]
    You may have a lot on the line here, and I hope you'll reconsider. But I'll stop preaching like I'm your older brother or something

    In either event, I wish you the best of luck in the matter.[/QUOTE]

    Oh yeah, and thanks brother, tell mom I will be home for supper. LOL

  16. Matthew, Zorro, BIggs, Jergo, DB, PC, Pursuit, and Jminis, thank you all for the kind words and encouragement. And you are all right to be thanking God it wasn't worse.

    Hey Jergo, I am definitely not coming to the Burgh with a scar on my face until it is healed or I have surgery. Which then again, at 6'2 almost 240 with a nasty gash, I might scare some people or get sympathy from the ladies. Oh what the hell am I saying, I don't fight and I have a girlfriend who I am faithful to. It was fun to pretend though!!

  17. LOL, yeah stick to the g/f thing, the booty around here is easy, and the fighting is too easy!! LOL....

  18. Don't pick at it, you'll make it worse...LOL.

    Now on a serious note...sorry to hear about the accident. Just glad it wasn't worse. Someone up there was looking out for you. Keep the Vitamin E on it and it should heal up nice.
  19. Thumbs up

    lookin good

    BTW what phone is that?

  20. Jergo, thanks for the heads up.

    Cuffs, thanks, I am using vitamin E and my buddy is a drug rep. and can get this surgical cream too which will really help.

    Wings, that is a LG VX6000.


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