Male Birth Control Shot

  1. Male Birth Control Shot

    Anyone catch the report on this on CNN this morning? The clip is here - Video - Breaking News Videos from

    So they did a study to see if injecting testosterone in men can function as a method of birthcontrol? It seems as tho they are suggesting you can be on this for an indefinite period of time. Hmm... interesting.

  2. the link again http:// www. #/video/health/2009/05/06/am.gupta.male.birth.control. cnn

  3. I hope they use MENT

  4. So I can use 400mg a week of Test as birth control?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Zero V View Post
    So I can use 400mg a week of Test as birth control?
    I'd make it 750 mg with tren and an oral to kickstart to be safe.

  6. so i guess i can go to the doctor and get test as b.c.


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