Clemens is now an Astro

  1. Clemens is now an Astro

    Today, Roger Clemens signed (5 mil for 1 year) w/ the Astros.

  2. F*cking great news for H-Town!
    Did anyone see the news clip of him putting on the Astros jersey? He put the 1st button on the second button hole and couldn't figure out why the shirt wouldn't come together evenly!
    Oh well maybe he can catch a ride on the "short Bus" to the games!

  3. Wait til they play the Mets..Roger at the plate what sign you think Piazza is gonna call...Chin Music....

  4. That NL Central is a good one and should be even better this year. I follow baseball closely and have heard rumors of Pudge Rodriguez signing with the Cubs. The Cardinals have a great lineup but their pitching sucks. Should be fun to watch.

  5. Oh yeah and the Astros will win the division, despite what Scotty(bitter Yankees fan) says.

  6. Little late for me to chime in but I think Roger can struggle at Minute Maid Park. That ballpark is too hitter friendly and the Rocket ain't exactly what he used to be in the mid to late 80's. I think he can give the Astros about 15 wins but I don't believe he'll dominate, if he was all that, the Yanks would've done a lot more to keep him.


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