hunting somebody down

  1. hunting somebody down

    does anybody know if there is a way to find someone real name by their email address. i won some items on ebay, and the guy won't return any of my emails. i tried to send him the money but he did not answer so its not like i got ripped off, i want the deal i got. i wonder if he won't answer me because he the item sold really cheap and he does not want to sell. according to his ebay account he lives in a town about 1.5 hours away. any help hunting him down would be great.

  2. The First thing to do is to report him to e-bay. There are some searches where you can put a persons e mail adr. and they give you a name but it doesn't work all the time. E bay might give it to you.

  3. If you know any cops, see if they can get some info on the guy for you.

    A guy I know sold a pair of hockey skates on ebay for like $100. He has no money & is kind of an idiot, so he kept the money & never shipped the item. The guy who won the auction somehow got his phone # kept calling with threats until he did (2-3 weeks). He had his address too. I'm not sure if ebay releases that stuff, or how he got it.

  4. I would go through the approproate channels at Ebay first, their rules have been getting increasingly strict for this sort of thing over the past few years

  5. You should request his info from ebay. You can get his phone number as well.

    Click here

  6. i contacted e-bay. the next day i got an e-mail from him saying he was pulled out of town on business. i'm not sure if he is just saying that because ebay contacted him or if it was the truth. supposedly me rims are on the way.


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