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    Well after 4 weeks I a going to try to go back to work. Only part time but I am going to work at least half the day if my back will let me. Then PT in the afternoons.. sounds fun does it.

  2. Good luck!!!!

  3. Good luck!!!!!!

  4. Look on the bright side, at least you had the holidays off.

    On a serious note...best of luck to you and just take it easy.

  5. Good luck Matt, and I would try and avoid any deadlifting or squats while at work!

    Hopefully recovery is going as expected or better

  6. was curious how things were going with your recovery. How rigorous is your PT? Im all about PT since thats why i want to be doing after med school. Hope today goes well brother

  7. Remember Matt, no matter how fun it was before , no letting the kids swing from your biceps..

    Take care, Big Guy!

  8. Semi hard on the PT right now Sage.. I am stretching and a ton of core strengthening and stability exercises. Hit me up on AIM and I will tell you anything specific.
    No squats (check) No deadlifts (check) No kids swing from arms (check) I guess I am good to go.. sore alittle bit but good...

  9. Are you wearing a tortoise shell looking brace?

  10. Yep.. got the turtle shell on..

  11. Glad to see you making some progress Mat D.
    Hang in there bro!


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