introducing to ph's

  1. introducing to ph's

    been around for awhile but never really posted. I have remained off the boards but I am getting the itch again. Anyway, I am a former juicer who is looking for some guidance in several areas. I personally have done approximately 10 cycles over about 7 years time. I have gotten up to 250lbs but at about 15% bf. Ht is 5'11" and I haven't even touched a weight in the last 3 months really so currently 200lbs but 10% bf or so. I'm naturally a skinny guy and I have to fight for every lb. I am quite knowledgable as far as roids go and doing cycles, but my current situation does not allow me to go that route. I really am interested in doing transdermals and making my own since I'm broke. I will be posting on this board and Mike's as I see these two are the most knowledgeable concerning these areas. I look forward to posting here and getting to know some of you guys. The attachment is from a light stack of deca/eq of 500mg a week total which i was at 197 in that pic. That is my alltime leanest. Hopefully I can attain those numbers again with some good ph stacks and guidance from you guys. I might even know some of you from the Boston area and gold's on landsdown st. Hit me up as I just learned that bigpetefox who looked so familiar to me was a guy I would see all the time there. Peace fellas. getsum27

  2. rear shot

    back double bi's. i used to way 135lbs when I got out of USMC boot camp so this is a decent change over the years

  3. Just moving your post over to off topic..

    Glad to meet you!

  4. Welcome aboard bro.

  5. thanks fellas

    didn't know where i should've posted but put it in ph section because that is what i am most interested. This is an awesome board by the way.
    peace, getsum27

  6. Welcome bro, if you wanted to learn about Prohormones there is no better place. Seriously this place is in a league of it's own.

  7. Well mate. Look solid


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