Survey from Rutgers (from ology)

  1. Survey from Rutgers (from ology)

    To particpate in a survey that pertains to training and anabolics. Help dispell the overblown public misconception on the dangers of Anabolic use. Take part in the survey and help educate others involved in this game. What's equally important is that here is your chance to help shut the mouths of anabolic bashers all over the world.

    On every forum (except the XXX forums) you will notice a "Rutgers Univeristy" button at the top(link provided by Dito), just underneath the logo and the buttons but just above the list of Moderators for each forum. Click on it, complete the survey and help us move one step closer to revealing the real truth about anabolics.

    Big thanks to Ulter and hhajdo for helping set this all up.

    Biggie, Tx and Staff.

  2. long survey but did it accurately

  3. Posted already.. thanks

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