trying to put on solid muscle mass and get even more ripped, help?

  1. trying to put on solid muscle mass and get even more ripped, help?

    Hi my names Mike and I have been lifting for about 5 years since freshmen year, I just graduated high school. I was a skinny kid and it is hard for me to pt alot of mass on i am 5'8" wieghing 160lbs. I am trying to put on some mass expecially on my chest and thicken my arms up, also I want to figure out how to get really ripped and get my tricep and bicep to show its form really good without flexing and get my six pack to show without flexing. Anyones opinion is helping thank you.
    I posted this some where else to thought i would get more responses in here, I'm new to the site sorry for posting it twice lol.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by mikethebeast View Post
    I am trying to put on some mass, also I want to figure out how to get really ripped
    This should be in diet or workout section.
    You need to figure out what you want to do first, gain weight or loose fat. Once you decide on that, then you can go from there.

  3. I was looking for a workout that puts lean mass on and things to do to get ripped.

  4. You can certainly do both simultaneously. It is called a recomp. I would personally suggest carb cycling for losing fat and gaining muscle. Here is a link to a great article on it:

  5. eh... good luck...

    thats about the hardest thing u can do, get ripped while putting on mass
    depends how much mass u want
    imo, eat hard, build up a lot of muscle, at 5'8" its not too hard... then spend a few months cutting down to get ripped

    just my two cents

  6. It may take a long time to do, but I'd say that it is worth it. I've been on a recomp for the last 9 months. I've gone from 23% BF to 16% BF and remained the same weight.

  7. You are 19 yo, he's 20, so may be it's possible when you are so young and haven't been lifting long, but Mike is 5'9" and only 155lb, says been lifting for 5 years. Didn't go well, didn't it? May be he should try to pack 20-30 lbs before worrying about being ripped. Recomp? There's nothing to recomp right now. he's just a skinny **** at this weight.

  8. ANAVAR....T-BOL..???


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