1. Pheromones

    Hey I was wondering if anyone here has ever tried them. I've been reading alot on them lating and was wondering how sucessful they would be. Basically they are oders produced by the body to attract mates. They come in many different styles. Here is what I know. They are basically four kinds:

    androstenone -- an "alpha male" pheromone to elicit sexual responses and establish dominance,

    androstenol -- the friendliness, feel good, open up and chat pheromone,

    androsterone -- the non-competitive leadership and masculinity pheromone,

    copulins -- pheromones produced by women during sex

    androstenone is good for stimulating women over 30 and androstenol for women under 30. I think it could increase a man's chance for picking women up at bars, clubs, and what not. I have been considering do a little expirement with them to test their effectiveness.

  2. interesting... you should definitely try a little trial run at those and let us all know how much kitty followed ya around ..

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